Saturday, September 5, 2009

LG Front Load Washer Review Model WM2016CW

MSRP: $699
I chose this model to compile the reviews of because of a few reasons. First, it meets my price range of less than $750. Also, after looking at a few retailer websites, this seems to be the most popular LG model that people choose to buy, probably because of its low price relative to many other front load washers out there.

3.5 cubic foot capacity
many many settings to choose from for wash, spin, water temperature
4 tray detergent dispenser adds bleach, softener, wash and prewash automatically at the right times
stainless steel washer tub for durability
end of cycle beep and timer to let you know how much time remains
designed specifically for quiet operation
stackable, can put dryer on top of washer.
full warranty for 1 year, 2 years on control unit, 7 years on motor, lifetime on washing tub
energy star compiant

I found a few hundred reviews of this particular model of washer, so I will do my best to summarize them here.

The thing that jumps out to me most is that this particular front load washer has gotten quite good reviews overall. On the 5 star system, it averages about 4.7 stars, and well over 90% of people would recommend it to a friend.

Many people mention the long cycle times, however, this is a product of seemingly all front load washer models, and not specific to LG or this model in particular. Many people comment on how quietly this machine runs. Many people mention that they are not pleased with the need to wipe the inside of the door down after the last cycle for the day and leave the door open when the machine is not in use to prevent mold from growing on the inside of the door. Most people seem pretty impressed with the load size they are able to run with this washer, with many stating that they're doing less loads over time than with their previous washers. People that pay for their water have definitely commented that the water savings can be noticed at the end of the month. There were a lot of mentions that cycle times were a bit longer, but many people also pointed out that this time is saved by the clothes coming out dryer and spending less time in the dryer. Also, this seems to be a general issue with any front load washer, not just this model.

After reading through well over 200 reviews, I have to say the vast majority of these reviews are very positive. In fact, the only people that gave it anything but a 4 or 5 were people whose machines broke quickly after purchase. Any produce will have a certain risk of failure, that is why there are warranties. Of all the reviews I read through, only maybe 3 or 4 had any major issue, and all but one of them did say that LG resolved the problem free of charge under warranty, and the single outlier just didn't say anything.

All in all this product is recommended by almost everyone who buys it, it rates well for value for the price, and saves most people money. Due to this, this front load washer has quickly moved to the top of of my potential purchases.

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