Monday, October 4, 2010

Bosch WFVC4400UC Front Load Washer Review

Price: $650-750

As a company, Bosch lays claim to the most highly water and energy efficient front load washers available today, while still remaining competetive from a price standpoint. While doing this, the aren't sacrificing features from their front load machines. The Bosch WFCV4400UC front load washer is currently one step up from the entry level front load washer in Bosch's lineup, and the Bosch WFVC4400UC compares well to many of its competing front load washers.

*4.4 cubic foot capacity stainless steel drum will allow very large load sizes
*Bosch proprietary EcoSmart Technology makes use of an array of sensors to create the most efficient washers possible
*EcoAction Option can reduce energy use by 20%
*ActiveWater technology yields 400 gallons of washing power from just 13 gallons of water, helping Bosch be the industry leader in water efficiency
*XxtraSantiary Cycle heats water to 170F with internal heater for extra cleaning power
*Drum Sanitize feature uses 175 degree water to clean and sanitize the washer drum
*11 choices of wash settings allows tailoring the washer to the particular load
*Quick Cycle takes only 45 minutes to clean any load
*Very fast 1150 rpm spin speed reduces drying time in the dryer by removing more water during the spin cycle
*AVS anti-vibration system to limit vibrations and also keep noise to a minimum
*Easy to read and understand digital controls

Similar to other Bosch front load washers, like the WFVC3300UC there aren't many reviews out there for the Bosch WFVC4400UC front load washer. With the average review being about 3.8 out of a possible 5 total stars, what is out there doesn't make the WFVC4400UC look terribly appealing, considering that is is relatively low compared to other front load washers reviewed here with similar size and features. With only, 81% of reviewers willing to recommend this machine to another shopper, this stat ranks among the lowest of the washers reviewed here. Across the board the sentiment about individual aspects of the WFVC4400UC are average just like the overall rating. With consumers in general feeling lukewarm about the value for price and features of the WFVC4400UC. On the plus side for someone who does decide to buy the Bosch WFVC4400UC, performance and durability rate significantly higher among owners. Based on the fact the Bosch offers a 2 year limited warranty, as opposed to 1 year from most other manufacturers it would seem that Bosch believes in the durability of their products as well.

There are no real trends to be found in the negative reviews out there for the Bosch WFVC4400UC front load washer. There are a few instances of complaints about failures shortly after purchase, all of which were covered under warranty, and no real trend here either. One reviewer complained about issues with the spin cycle not working properly; and another about needing to have one of the many sensors on the unit replaced. Its simply that the overall aggregate reviews just aren't very high for this front load washer.

While the Bosch WFVC4400UC front load washer doesn't have fantastic ratings, and consumer recommendations are somewhat low, it is the opinion of this individual that there is no reason that this particular front load washer should be disregarded by any consumer necessarily. It has features and a price that match up very well with other front load washers of this size, and Bosch the company as a whole has been making appliances for a very long time quite successfully, and, based on the industry leading 2 year warranty is clearly willing to stand behind the quality of their work. In particular, the drum size is quite large for the price as well. For example the LG WM2301HW has a similar list of features, and drum size, but a significantly higher MSRP. If you can hold off on your purchase for a few months, to let more reviews filter into the market, perhaps the overall ratings of this washer would trend upward, but still the currently low ratings s

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