Thursday, August 12, 2010

LG WM2301HW Front Load Washer Review

Price Range: $800-$950
If you are in the market for a front load washer with huge capacity without a huge price tag, then perhaps the LG WM2301HW front load washer is for you. With a 4.2 cubic foot capacity washer tub, the WM2301HW dwarfs some of the other front load washers in LG's lineup, like the LG WM2010CW, though it isn't quite as large as the 4.8 cubic foot capacity of the LG WM3875HWCA and it lacks the steam feature, it is also significantly less expensive, while still possessing an impressive list of features.

4.2 cubic foot capacity stainless steel wash drum will handle enormous loads and is build for durability
Dial-A-Cycle option is designed with ease of use in mind
DirectDrive motor powers the wash tub without use of a belt and allows an ultra high spin speed to remove more water in the spin cycle to reduce drying times
SenseClean washing system automatically detects the size and weight of the load and chooses the proper amount of water to add
Programmable delay setting allows the washer to be loaded and set, but the cycle will begin when most convenient
TilTub tub tilting system allows easy access to the back of the wash tub for unloading
9 wash programs – from cotton to wool to delicate; 10 washing options – from prewash to extra rinse; 5 water temperature settings; and 5 soil level settings allow for nearly infinite tuning to precisely the load being washed
End-of-cycle signal will provide an audible notice that the load is complete
LeDecibel Sound System reduces operating noise
TrueBalance Anti-Vibration system prevents washer vibrations, allowing use even in a 2nd floor laundry room

The WM2301HW is another popular front load washer, with many hundreds of consumer reviews out there to read through. Much like many of the other front load washers in LG's line the WM2301HW gets good overall reviews. Receiving an overall rating of 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 shows that people who by this front loader are generally quite happy with their purchase. In a related piece of information 97% of people who have reviewed their WM2301HW would recommend that another person make the same purchase. As far as the aspects of the LG WM2301HW that owners are most pleased with, performance is the most often cited thing. This makes sense; this washer was built to clean massive amounts of clothes, and consumers agree that it lives up to this. Consumers are also generally impressed with the overall list of features that the machine possesses, and people also note that the WM2301HW is quite easy to use. Consumers also generally agree that the overall build quality and durability of this machine are top notch, which keeps right in line with most of the washers in the LG family. Lastly among the aspects of their WM2301HW that consumers tend to like is the overall design and layout of the machine. To me, this follows along with the ease of use aspect too.

As far as complaints against this washer go, there are complaints of issues with mold and musty odors related to this machine. These were extremely common themes among the complaints about front loaders a few years ago, but there hadn't been as much talk of these issues lately, largely due to consumers being better educated on caring for their front loader. I wonder if that is the case with some of these complaints. Interestingly there are a few reviewers that gave this machine just terrible reviews for issues that amount to more or less be their own fault. For example, one reviewer complained that because of the way their laundry room is set up, when the door is open, it creates an inconvenience to transfer clothes from washer to dryer. Another complains that they don't like to have to kneel down to remove their clothes after a cycle completes, and can't get a pedestal to aid in this because they lack the room. While both of these complaints can negatively affect your feeling about a new washer, the issue in both cases lies with the consumer, not the product. It certainly isn't LG's fault that someone bought a washer without considering the space it would be housed in. Of some concern are that there are a few negative reviews out there the complain about either their clothes not being particularly clean, which seems to be in a direct contradiction with the fact that the most often cited “best feature” of the WM2301HW is performance. Perhaps these people are using non-high efficiency detergents, or their clothes are especially soiled and they're not using a rigorous enough cycle. There is also a complaint about clothes coming out with black marks on them. The reviewer states that it doesn't happen often, but when it does the marks cannot be removed by washing the load again, and thus has ruined some items. This is a bad complaint, but there is only one such complaint in the hundreds of reviews out there.

Overall, if you have a large family and need to wash a lot of clothes on a regular basis, the LG WM2301HW front load washer might be a good fit for you. With its massive capacity, high performance as rated by people who own one, and generally high quality, it appears to be a good buy. Granted, it will cost a fair amount more than some of the smaller front loaders out there, and doesn't have some of the high end features, like steam settings, of some more costly models. Taken on the whole though, the LG WM2301HW is very likely to leave anyone who buys it a satisfied consumer.

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