Friday, April 15, 2011

Kenmore Front Load Washer 4041 Review

MSRP: $799, Internet Price: 679 (free shipping)

Kenmore washers, the proprietary brand of the Sears company, has been one of the most recognizable names in American appliances for decades now. Sears is the only retailer selling the Kenmore brand of appliances, however, Sears is not in the manufacturing business. The manufacture of Kenmore appliances is handled by another company. There are not as many models in the Kenmore lineup as there are other brands, like LG, nor does it seem to make any particular claim, like Bosch which claims to be the most efficient brand on the market. This model in particular is the least expensive compact front load washer that reviewed here, but it makes up for it by having significantly fewer features than some of its competition.

* 3.1 cubic foot capacity
* Compact size to fit into areas other washing machines can't
* Tumble Action Washing System showers water through clothes to ensure 100% of clothes are being washed 100% of the time
* High speed spin cycle reduces drying time by extracting more water while in the washer
* End of Cycle signal can be set for either loud or soft notification
* Choose from 6 washing programs to best pair the washers actions to your load type
* Automatically dispenses detergent, bleach, and fabric softener
* Express Wash cycle to quickly clean lightly soiled clothes
* Can clean up to 15 towels in a single load

When looking at the consumer ratings for this model of washing machine, what you find is alarming, though perhaps not terribly surprising. The only other Kenmore washer reviewed here got some of the lowest ratings found here. Check out the Kenmore 48102 review for more information. The story told by consumers about the Kenmore 4041 washer is even worse. Overall, this washer has been given only 2 stars by consumers. With some other models reviewed here, there is the caveat that there aren't a large number of ratings provided, so the numbers aren't as meaningful as they might be. That is not the case with this washer though, there are well over 100 reviews listed for this washer, and the results are still this bad. With that being said, typically a discussion of any trending of positive and negative comments would follow. However, when the reviews are consistently this low, the logical path is quite simply, don't buy this washer. Sure, at about $700, this is much cheaper alternative than say the LG WM1355HW, which will set you back 900 or so, but that washer had an overall 4.7/5 rating when reviewed here a while ago. Bosch also offers some alternatives that will cost somewhere just over $1000, for example check out this Bosch WAS20160UC review for some more information. Both the LG and Bosch offerings do offer up more features, as well as an energy star rating for the extra price though. Unfortunately for Kenmore, it seems they've got a loser on their hands with this washer.


  1. I keep hearing about Samsung front loaders. Didn't even realize they made them. Are you going to review any of those? I notice most of your reviews are for LG there a reason for that or is it just where you started?

  2. I do intend to include reviews from all manufacturers. LG is just where I started.

  3. It would be useful to indicate what is wrong with this kenmore washer, as kenmore units occupy the #1, #3, #5, and #7 positions on this year's consumer reports buying guide to front loading washers.