Monday, September 6, 2010

LG WM3885HWCA Front Load Washer Review

Price: $1200-$1500
As of the writing of this review, the LG WM3885HWCA is the newest front load steam washer in LG's model line. Not surprisingly this is model also currently has the highest MSRP of any front load washer that LG has to offer, at $1789, but as noted above, can be found on sale at many online retailers for well below that price. This washer seems extremely similar in design and features to the somewhat older LG WM3875HWCA, yet has an MSRP quite a bit higher. This is not to say that the WM3885HWCA isn't a good value, just that it is extremely similar to another model, while costing a bit more. That price does get you an impressive list of features.

4.8 cubic feet of capacity to allow the largest possible loads to be washed in the ultra durable stainless steep drum
Direct drive motor increases durability and allows for higher spin speeds, allowing a powerful 1400 RPM max spin speed to wring as much water from clothes before going into the dryer to reduce drying times
Washing tub is tilted slightly back to make reaching in to unload the machine easier
SenseClean system will automatically detect the load size to add the proper amount of water for increased efficiency
6Motion technology uses 6 different motions of the washer drum to get clothes as clean as possible, while being as gentle as possible on those clothes
14 washing programs to choose from including: Allergiene – LG's special anti-allergy program, SteamFresh, Sanitary, SpeedWash, and many more more typical choices.
5 soil levels to allow only as much cleaning as necessary
13 washing options including StainCare, Extra Rinse, FreshCare, SteamWash, and others
5 temperature levels, and many combinations of these levels to choose from.
TrueBalance anti-vibration system to prevent unwanted noise and vibrations and allow the machine to be used on 2nd floor laundry rooms
LoDecibel noise reduction system
Delay wash feature to allow programming the cycle to start at a specific time
End of cycle buzzer
Controls located up front, with a color LCD screen

With an average user rating of 4.9 the LG WM3875HWCA has received high marks from those who own this front load washer. Also, 98% of reviewers would recommend this washer to another consumer, an extremely high mark. For the most part everyone who owns and has reviewed it on the internet seems to agree that they enjoy their new LG WM3885HWCA. Granted, being one of the newest washers that LG has to offer, there aren't as many reviews out there as for some of the older models. This newness means that perhaps some owners simply haven't had it long enough to see any problems arise. Generally speaking, reviewers are impressed with the feature list, and the performance of those features. Also the strong trend is that consumers believe that this machine is well-made and is quite durable.

As far as specific complaints go, there aren't any specific things that people find off-putting about the LG WM3885HWCA, there are however some consumers who seem to be suffering a small amount of buyers remorse, in as much as they're not completely convinced that the, although generally impressive, list of features is worth the sheer price of this washer. This is a sentiment that is expressed about many of the highly expensive steam cleaning front load washers. Another review also commented about the machine having a seemingly difficult time being able to balance a load consisting of a small enough number of items. This complaint is a product of the nature of front load washers. The physics of the situation simply dictate that balancing a single item in the washer drum for the high speed spin cycle will simple not be possible. The LG WM3885HWCA should not be given a negative mark for user error.

Overall, while the LG WM3885HWCA, like basically all LG washers has gotten quite good reviews. Consumers generally feel like they have bought a well-made, high-performing machine. That being said, this is a quite expensive appliance. Not only that, it isn't fully clear to this individual what the real differentiators are between the WM3885HWCA and the WM3875HWCA are. They are both the same capacity, and their specifications seem to be nearly identical too. Given these similarities, and the fact that a quick price search on the internet shows that the WM3785HWCA can be found for under $1000 from some stores, making it about $200 cheaper than the lowest price the could be easily found for the WM3885HWCA, it is not wholly clear why someone should purchase the Wm3885HWCA instead of the WM3875HWCA. Therefore, if you are in the market for a steam cleaning front load washer with a large list of features, and the LG WM3885HWCA has caught you eye, you owe it to yourself to check out this LG WM3875HWCA review before you make a decision on which front load washer to buy.

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