Thursday, November 4, 2010

LG WM2140CW Front Load Washer Review

Price: MSRP: $629, Internet Prices: $540+

The LG WM2140CW front load washer has been one of the most popular models of front load washers on the market for some time. The LG WM2140CW is positioned as the 'entry level' front load washer, with the lowest MSRP in the LG line, equal to that of the extremely popular and long standing LG WM2010CW. In the time between the release of the WM2010CW and the WM2140CW LG has made a number of improvements that appear on the newer model. For the same price, the WM2140CW offers a larger capacity and a more robust list of features, including some that have been developed since the release of the WM2010CW.

* A 4.0 cubic foot capacity will allow for large loads
* An electronic control panel incorporating an LED display with the intuitive Dial-A-Cycle control make choosing the right settings a breeze
* LG's trademarkes SenseClean system uses sensors to automatically set the water level and washing time for each specific load for optimal washing and water conservation
* 7 washing programs can match to nearly any load
* LG 6Motion technology uses 6 different washing movements to provide the best possible clean while being as gentle as possible on clothes
* TrueBalance system designed to reduce vibrations and noise to provide quiet and smooth washing in any setting
* Ultra high speed 1100 RPM spin speed removes as much water as possible in the washer, meaning clothes require shorter drying times
* SmartDiagnosis feature will aid the LG service center in diagnosing problems over the phone, limiting the need to send a service technician to the home
* 1 year warranty on parts and labor, 2 years on the electronic control panel, 10 years on the motor, livetime on the washer drum

As with most any product that is this new, there still isn't a whole lot of feedback about it from consumers to be found by searching through retailer websites. On the plus side for LG and the success of the WM2140CW, what there is out consists of largely positive reviews of this front load washer. Overall the LG WM2140CW receives a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5, with 85% of reviews stating that they would recommend this washer to another shopper. However, that 4.3 should be taken with a grain of salt, as will be discussed later, there are a few, seemingly unfounded, negative reviews that are really dragging the average artificially low. Across the board this front load washer receives strong marks for quality, performance, features and even value for the price. Based on the fact that ease of use in specific is singled out by a high percentage of reviewers as a particularly impressive feature, the Dial-A-Cycle must be living up the LG's intention for it. As the entry level front load washer, it is no surprise that the WM2140CW reviews rate it highly for value, as it is at a price point barely above that of a similarly sized and featured top loader.

As stated above, there are a small percentage of LG WM2140CW reviews out there that do not rate this front load washer well at all. In fact, they give the unit the lowest possible rating in every category. Reading through these reviews though, in all cases the reviewers come across as almost spitefully giving such a low rating. One reviewer in particular takes umbrage with the maintenance recommended by the owners manual. Given that front load washers do require more maintenance than a top loader, it would be understandable to give low marks for ease of use, and maybe even value, but simply requiring some maintenance to prevent mold doesn't mean the washer is of low quality, or that it doesn't do a good job of getting clothes clean. It is for reasons like this that these reviews should perhaps be considered with a larger grain of salt than the large concentration of reviews that gave the WM2140CW high marks. None of the poor reviews complain about the washer not getting clothes clean, or any malfunctions or defects. If these reviews are treated as outliers the ratings for the WM2140CW go up with a 4.85 out of 5 stars, and every reviewer would recommend this model to another.

On the whole, the LG WM2140CW reviews out there are strong, and with LG's overall track record for producing highly durable, high-performing front load washers, this model is likely to be very popular with consumers. This model is newer, has a larger capacity, and more features than the extremely popular and well liked WM2010CW, and all for the exact same manufacturer suggest price. The WM2140CW seems to take over for two models actually, with the same size as the LG WM2101HW, very similar list of features, but a significantly lower price. The LG WM2140CW should be the front load washer of choice for those consumers looking to purchase an entry-level front loader.


  1. Thank You, This was a helpful review for our first front loader!

  2. I can't figure out the difference between this and the WM2101HW. They seem to have nearly identical features, but the MSRP on the WM2140CW is $100 less. Is this a gimmick to "move" the WM2101HW off the floor? (it is advertised at the "sale" price equivalent to the WM2140CW. Is the WM2140CW a newer model, with improved features (e.g. digital LED display)?

  3. Yes, this is a newer model that is probably the replacement for 2 of LG's oldest washer models, the 2101HW and the 2010CW. This model has the same MSRP has the 2010, but is larger and has more features... why would anyone buy the 2010 in that case? I believe the 2101 and 2010 are the oldest models that LG is still selling, whereas the 2140 is the 2nd newest.

  4. Thank you for this review. I came across your blog via a Google search and appreciate this summary. I just purchased the set today and am looking forward to using it!

  5. 2101 has extra hot feature which heats the hot water even hotter using electricity. But it doesn't have standalone spin cycle that 2140 has. Personally, I don't like extra hot water cycle of 2101. Killing more germs? That's why we have so many kids with allergies and other diseases that poor countries don't have (as much of)

  6. My husband & I just bought the 2140 tonite. I was looking at a Samsung but chose the Lg 2140 instead. My husband & I both really like the 10yr warranty on the motor. I can't wait to use it! This is my first front load washer!I get it on Friday...can't wait! Woot! Woot!

  7. I have a friend who does have the WM2010CW and that was the deciding factor to purchase this washer and dryer set. The anti-vibration feet cost another $60, but this is in a manufactured home, not in a basement. Probably, this would work without the feet. Love the quiet and my clothes seem to come out cleaner, fresher and not as toasted.

  8. I haven't bought this washer yet but I'm on the cusp of doing so and I'm looking for some info.
    The owners manual (downloaded from LG Canada website) for the wm2140cw states "Your washer features a heating element to boost
    the hot water temperature for Extra Hot settings", however there is no other explanation in the manual for the power consumption of the heating element nor do I see on the picture of the front console an "extra-hot" selection for wash/rinse temps. Is this heater for the tub clean? Or does it boost the hot water temp if the incoming is too low?
    Also, for the warranty, which looks pretty impressive here (10 years for the motor etc), can you tell or elaborate if the main bearing for the drum is included and in which warranty (1 ye, 5 yr or other?)

  9. Bought an LG front-load washer, Model LG2140.
    Found that there is NO hot water during the wash cycle when you select NORMAL/COTTON with the HOT/ COLD or WARM/WARM water temperature settings.
    After talking to customer service (who said that the water temp should be 122 degrees on that combination of selections), we had a repair tech come out (he changed the power board)- didn’t help. Repair tech talked to LG technical support. They told him that it was designed and programmed that you will NOT get hot water with that combination of settings (even though the machine allows that selection and the “user manual” says it is one of the selections possible).
    You can, however, get hot or warm wash if you select BULKY/LARGE or SPEED WASH. Apparently LG doesn’t think we are responsible enough to make our own decisions about how to wash our laundry!!!

  10. An addendum to my post on August 15. I bought this machine and have used it a fair amount in the last week or so. I submitted an inquiry to LG Canada and they confirmed that this model DOES NOT have a heating element built in to boost the hot water. A disappointment to say the least - they apologized for the 'confusion' in the manual (see page 22, 1st bullet under wash/rinse).
    A beef I have is that even with very hot water coming to the hot water inlet hose, on the hot wash cycle, the machine still mixes cold water and the resulting fill water temperature is tepid-warm at best (I allowed the machine to fill, then drain then fill again, thinking if I pre heated the drum it might keep the water hot - no such luck!). Disappointing. I would like the option of as hot a wash as I can get from the tap and having the machine prevent this is silly. I know this isn't a high end steam washer but come on, let the hot wash cycle fill with hot water from the tap. Even though I use my dryer - pet dander, bed bugs etc can benefit from a hot water wash. And with the small amount of water used, it won't make this washer much less energy efficient! I cannot give this machine a high rating for these two issues (manual misprint on a key feature and the inability for a 'hot wash' despite having a selection for it!)

  11. Just wanted to note that the child lock is useless on this model. It will not prevent a child from coming in, turning on the machine and starting a cycle or from stopping a cycle by turning off the power button. It will only lock some of the buttons, and only if the machine is already on, running a cycle. Ugh. Hello!!?!