Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LG Front Load Washer Review Model WM3001HWA

Price Range: $1300-1500
The LG WM3001HWA front load steam washer is the flagship of the LG line of front load washers, to be more precise, it is their overall top of the line washing machine, top or front loading. With a price tag twice that of the entry level, and ultra popular, LG WM2010CW front load washer LG is certainly expecting consumers to be willing to pay a premium for their top of the line steam clean front load washer. This is by far the most expensive washer reviewed here, even more costly than the Frigidaire stacked combination front load washer and dryer, but with an impressive list of features and capabilities to, at least attempt to, justify that price.
- Menu based controls with an LCD screen and Dial-A-Cycle allows easy customization of settings for each specific load of laundry
- 4.5 cu. ft. capacity for ultra large loads
- DirectDrive motor with ultra high spin speed efficiently extracts water
- 9 wash programs to choose from including permanent press, delicates, and hand wash
- SteamWash settings can add steam to sanitary, bulky, normal/cotton, and permanent press cycles
- LG exclusive Allergine cycles removes up to 95% of normal household allergens from clothes
- SteamFresh cycle option to reduce odors, freshen, and limit wrinkles to clothes
- Automatic temperature control self-adjusts to the needs of the particular load
- Special wash and rinse optimizer uses sensors to determine the proper amount of detergent based on water hardness and load characteristics
- 19-hour delay-wash allows programing the cycle to start at a time most convenient, like while at work or running errands
- 4-tray dispenser adds prewash, main wash, bleach and softener at the proper cycle time
- durable stainless-steel drum
- End-of-cycle signal
- TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System reduces vibrations to keep machine quite while running
- Stackable can have a dryer mounted on top of washer

Customers who have purchased the LG WM3001HWA have been quite pleased with it overall. The average rating is a 4.4 out of 5 stars, and 85% would recommend this washer to another shopper. The most often mentioned positive characteristics of this washer by the people who use them are that is has a fantastic cleaning ability. Many reviewers note that the steam cleaning feature is able to get clothes much cleaner than other washers, and also that the SteamFresh cycle works well to limit wrinkles. The overall ease of use was also a common theme among those consumers who have chosen to review this product. The extremely large capacity of this front load washer was also almost universally noted. Also, the aesthetics of this washer are soundly praised, despite most laundry rooms being well hidden from sight.

Without truly being a positive or a negative, as this truly is at or near the top of the mountain for front load washers as far as features are concerned, many reviewers commented on the expense of the LG WM3001HWA. There was no real negative sentiment indicating that consumers feel that this model is a poor value for the price, but also there were no positive sentiments about value for price either.

The most common complaint among reviewers of the LG WM3001HWA is that the cycle times are long. However, this should be expected given that the steam cycles are in addition to, not in replacement of, the rest of the more typical wash actions. As with all front load washers, it is recommended that the front door seal be wiped off to dry it after use, a fact that some find annoying. This is a well known and documented issue with front load washers, and has been for years, and should not be considered a real deterrent from purchasing a new front load washing machine. The only real complaint any reviewers had with the LG WM3001HWA is that sometimes the front door seal can leak during operation, an issue that is covered under warranty.

Overall the LG WM3001HWA should certainly be considered by anyone who is looking to purchase a new front load washing machine with the steam cleaning capabilities. Backed by the LG name consumers should feel secure in the quality and durability of this steam cleaning front load washer. Although significantly more costly than many other front load washers on the market today, the LG WM3001HWA has a full list of features to justify spending the extra money over an entry level washer. Its ability to get clothes very clean and help eliminate wrinkles are unquestioned by those who have purchased this machine. All in all this front load washer would make a strong addition to any laundry room.

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