Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maytag Front Load Washer Review Model MAH2400AWW

MSRP: $748
With a suggested price of $748, this will be the most expensive front load washer for which I am compiling reviews, though it does still fit my original requirement of being less than $750. I was somewhat surprised by the Maytag ling of front load washers. If you took a survey of people, I bet Maytag would be listed among the top makers of washers and dryers, but they only offer a few front load washers in their product lineup. This was the least expensive that I found.

2.4 cubic foot washer tub capacity
detergent, bleach, and fabric softener dispensers to add each at the proper time
Multiple wash settings
1 year warrant for both parts and labor
compact size
self-cleaning lint filtering system
stainless steel washer tub for durability
Energy Star Qualified

The first thing that really stands out about this Maytag front load washer relative to the others that I've researched is that it is smaller, by about 30%, but also the most expensive. These are things that are easily recognizable without even reading and customer ratings or reviews. Once reading through the reviews, the situations doesn't look any better for this Maytag front load washer. Overall the reviews for this front load washer average out to about a 4, but the variance is quite high. On one retailer's website, the average was only a 2.9, while on the website of another they averaged to a 4.7, with more responses at the latter website.

As with all front loading washing machines this one gets high marks for its efficiency. Most reviewers that left positive reviews talked about the low water consumption, and decreased drying time. Interestingly one of the most commonly mentioned things in the positive reviews were that this front load washer is compact. Units of measure being what they are, I can't say as such that the compactness of this particular unit is a debatable thing worthy of review.

Following the trend of most other front load washer reviews out there, the people who gave this Maytag model poor marks did so most often because of durability issues. There were some complaints of shaking during the spin cycle, but that is typical of the reviews of all front load washer reviews. There are, relatively speaking, more negative reviews for this Maytag front load washer than some of the other models I have reviewed.

All in all, although this front load washer doesn't get as high of marks as some of the others, and despite having a smaller capacity than all other models that I've reviewed, I can see a few good reasons to purchase this particular model. For one, as stated before, it is the most compact of the models I've researched. If space is an issue, and you want to reap the benefits of a front load washer, stacking this with a similarly sized dryer can be a reasonable alternative to buying a combo unit.

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