Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LG Front Load Washer Review Model WM2101HW

Price Range: $700-800
This LG model is slightly more expensive than the other LG front load washers that are reviewed on this site, the LG WM2016CW and the LG WM2010CW, but with good reason. Quite simply, this particular front load washer offering from LG is larger and has a more robust list of features than the smaller, less expensive models that LG has to offer. This is the largest capacity front load washer yet reviewed here, but it is priced similarly to many of the smaller models from other manufacturers.

- Front control panel with Dial-A-Cycle option for simple, reliable operation with a child lock to prevent unintended operation
- 4.0 cu. ft. capacity for extra large loads
- DirectDrive motor with an 1100 rpm spin speed efficiently extracts water
- 7 wash programs: normal, cotton/towels, permanent press, delicates, sanitary, large, quick wash, and hand wash
- SenseClean system adjusts water level and wash time for load size and weight to improve performance
- 9 washing options: prewash, SpinSense, tub clean, water plus, rinse & spin, stain cycle, extra rinse
- 5 adjustable soil levels to help remove tough stains with ease
- 5 adjustable wash temperatures allowing cold/cold, warm/cold, warm/warm, hot/cold and extra hot/cold combinations
- 19-hour delay-wash allows programing the cycle start when most convenient
- 4-tray dispenser adds prewash, main wash, bleach and softener at the proper cycle time
- durable stainless-steel drum
- End-of-cycle signal
- LoDecibel sound-reduction and TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System 4 leveling legs reduce operation noise and vibrations to keep your home quiet.
- Stackable can have a dryer mounted on top of washer
LG has a strong and well liked performer with this WM2101HW front load washer. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and fully nearly 100% of owners being willing to recommend this washer to another shopper this model is a real hit with consumers who have purchased one. This is the first model of front load washer reviewed in this space where on multiple major retailer websites there were 0 fully negative reviews.

The reviews for this front load washing machine are superb in the areas of value for money, and ease of use, with the average being a 4.96 out of 5 stars in those categories over a few dozen reviews. Many reviews note that the child lock on the controls is very useful for families with young children in the house, as the controls are located right on the front of the machine in reach of young, curious children. There were no major complaints concerning the manufacture quality or the durability of these front load washers. A huge percentage of reviews commented about the massive capacity of this unit. This is to be expected, as even the smaller front loading washers, like the LG WM2010CW, have a larger capacity than most typical top loaders.

The only even partially negative review was posted by a consumer who had owned the unit for over 5 years before deciding to post a review. This review complained about a few inexpensive repairs that were needed, but that nothing went wrong until the machine was at least 4 years old. The complaints here were a broken door to one of the dispenser compartments, sagging door hinges, and some other things of that nature. Given the low incidence of complaints, and the nature of of them, it is entirely possible that this particular owner is simply a little hard on certain components.

Overall, this LG WM2101HW front load washer is sure not to disappoint based on the vastly positive reviews out there. For a larger family, or simply one that has demanding laundry needs, this machine would be an excellent choice due to its significantly larger capacity than both top load and other front load washers. This increased capacity can lead to requiring less overall loads to be done, decreasing water use, and energy use in the dryer due to the high speed spin cycle. Even better, this LG front load washer costs only slightly more than some competitor's smaller offerings. With this model, LG takes command of the mid-size front load washer market.


  1. Hello,
    I wonder whether you have read reviews on GE front-load washers. Two received Consumer Reports Best Buy recommendations and seem worthy of your attention. Thanks for sharing the fruits of your hard work.

  2. LG is a horrible product. Buyer beware. You are not saving anything from this company.