Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whirlpool WFW9150WW Front Load Washer Review

MSRP: $699, Internet Prices from $521 (does NOT include tax and shipping)

With front load washers all the rage these days, it should come as no surprise that a well known, and long standing maker of top load washers like Whirlpool would be working to add front load washers to their portfolio. While, like most manufacturers, Whirlpool tries to have a front load washer at every level of price and feature to appeal to all consumers, it is the entry level market segment that is the most important. One of the offerings that Whirlpool brings into this highly competitive market space is the WFW9150WW. With an typical capacity, a strong list of features, and a reasonable price Whirlpool hopes to at the top of consumers shopping list when they are looking to buy a new front load washer.

* 3.5 cubic foot capacity, stainless steel washer basket, allows large loads to save time and effort.
* Easy to use front panel controls with cycle indicator lights and an accurate cycle time display
* Automatic 3 tray dispenser to properly distribute detergent, bleach, and fabric softener
* End of cycle signal alerts you when the cycle finishes, but can also be turned off to keep things quiet.
* 10 cycles to choose from including second rinse small load to allow tailoring the washer settings to nearly any load
* Self-cleaning with Affresh will fully clean the washer with just a cup of bleach
* TumbleFresh setting periodically tumbles clothes after the cycle is finished to keep them fresh and wrinkle free before drying
* Care Control temperature managing system uses 3 sensors to monitor the water temperature to ensure that the water is the proper temperature for the chosen settings.
* Add a garment feature lets you add a forgotten item early enough in the cycle.
* Delay wash setting lets the cycle start time be set up to 10 hours in the future
* QuietWash system is designed to keep noise inside the washer using sound deadening materials.
* Smooth spin technology uses a 5 point suspension system is designed to prevent vibrations for smoother operation

The Whirlpool WFW9150WW has received just terrible ratings from consumers. Overall the most common rating that owners have given it is 1 star, the lowest possible rating. The complaints seem to be generally centered around two issues. One is that clothes end up with rips or holes in them from using this washer. The second is that this washer just seems to lack the durability to stand up to normal use by a family. An extremely common theme among those who’ve reviewed this washer negatively is that shortly after the 1 year warranty expires the machine started to fall apart. With reviews that are this consistent it seems simple to just disregard this washer in favor of some of its competition that has received better reviews. In fact, for a model that isn’t very old, it seems to have already been discontinued.

Consumers looking for something in this price and feature range could check out the">Samsung WF220ANW, or the LG WM2140CW, which has been around for quite a while and has been a favorite of those who have purchased it. It also has a slightly larger capacity for similar price.

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