Monday, June 13, 2011

Samsung WF330ANW/XAA Front Load Washer Review

MSRP: $899, Internet Prices: $809, shipping included

Samsung front load washers are among some of the more popular models of front loaders on the market today. Samsung offers many models to choose from at various price points representing various sized and numbers of features. One of these offerings, the Samsung WF330ANW/XAA front load washer makes the claim of being the largest front loader in its class. With a claimed capacity of 31 bathroom towels (size of 24x44 inches) this washer sure can handle some huge loads of laundry. With some other innovative technologies included into this model, and a good list of features, Samsung is doing their best to compete in the very crowded front load washer market.

* 3.7 cubic foot capacity gives this washer class leading capacity
* Diamond Drum uses diamond shaped depressions in the drum to keep clothes safe from snags while still providing an effective wash
* PureCycle runs extremely hot water, instead of chemicals, through the empty drum to clean and sanitize the washing drum
* 9 washing cycles to choose from to suit any combination of clothes
* 24 hour delay start option allows the washer to be started at any specific time
* Automatic dispenser for detergent, bleach and fabric softener to add them at the proper times, and allow for hands off laundry washing
* Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) reduces noise and vibrations and allows installation of this washer in 2nd floor laundry rooms
* EnergyStar rated

Overall the Samsung WF330ANW/XAA front loader received a total rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, and 90% of reviewers would recommend this model of washing machine to another consumer. This model has been around for a decent amount of time, and has also been fairly popular, so there are a good number of reviews out there to be found for it, meaning that these numbers can be accepted with a reasonable level of confidence. The trends with what people like best about the Samsung WF330ANW/XAA follow the same as that of other front load washers, consumers like its capacity, and number of features. Worth thinking about here is that claim that this washer has the largest capacity in its class. While the statement must be true, or Samsung surely wouldn't post it on their website, its unclear what precisely the other front loaders in this class are.

As for the complaints that people have about this washer. There are a fair number of negative reviews out there for this front load washer and the majority of them seem to revolve around the same central complaints. The washer seems to have an inability to get itself balanced for a proper spin cycle which has a two fold effect. First this makes the cycle take a very long time as the washer gently shifts around to try to balance the load. There are multiple complaints of the typical load taking over 2 hours to complete – if it completes. The second issue is vibrations. Granted, the overall vast majority of complaints about front loaders are vibration related, so this is not specific to this model. However, one thing that does seem to be somewhat related to this particular model is that the vibrations seem to be related to a mechanical failing of the washer itself. There are complaints that in a cool basement the lubrication of the drum is too thick not allowing a fluid spin. There are instances of a technician declaring the washing drum itself to be warped, which prevents balancing the load and causes vibrations.

There are a lot of choices that consumers have when it comes to buying a new front load washer. The days of there only being a single local store carrying only a brand or two are well in the past for the average American shopper. Given that, and the oddly focused nature of the complaints against this model, perhaps there are better choices out there for most consumers. For instance, check out this LG WM2240CW review, for a washer that has similar size, features, and a lower price tag, without the negative reviews. However, as stated, 90% of the people who have bought this would recommend it to someone else, and that is right up there with as good as can be expected, so this particular model is a bit of an enigma. Perhaps if there is a store with it on sale for a good enough price that buying the extended warranty makes sense, then maybe the Samsung WF330ANW/XAA is the right washer for you.

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