Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maytag MHWE450WW Washer Review

MSRP: $999, Internet Prices: $798, shipping included

The Maytag company has been a major player in appliance manufacture for a long time here in America, and they certainly have brand recognition for washing machines. While not offering quite as many sizes and colors as some other manufacturers, Maytag does offer a full lineup of front load washers with a variety of sizes and number of features. As the mid-sized front load washer offering Maytag has the MHWE450WW performance series washer, which is rated as having the best cleaning ability among major leading brands of comparable size, using comparable cycles with default settings. With Maytag's commercial technology and a strong list of features the Maytag MHWE450WW makes its presence known in the midsize front load washer market.

* 3.9 cubic foot capacity allows massive loads of laundry and handles bulky items, such as pillows and comforters with ease
* Conveniently located front panel controls, with display to show estimated time remaining
* Sensi-Care™ wash system: the wash basket moves faster when washing big loads, moving gently at slower speeds for delicate loads
* 10 preprogramed cycle options to choose from include for easily choosing settings for most loads
* MaxExtract extended spin option to remove as much water as possible in the washer
* National Science Foundation certified sanitary cycles
* 3 tray dispenser for detergent, bleach and fabric softener
* ENERGY STAR and CEE Tier II rated for year-round energy and money savings
* Stainless steel wash drum is built for durability which leads to long life and also protects clothes from snags and pulls
* IntelliTemp automatic temperature control monitors incoming water for correct temperature
* IntelliFill uses sensors to always fill the washer to the proper level
* Fresh Hold with Dynamic Venting Technology keeps clothes smelling fresh for up to 10 hours after the cycle ends
* QuietSeries 300 system and Smooth Balance suspension system work together to keep noise and vibrations low
* Stackable design provides flexibility for the laundry room

Looking around at the reviews that are out there for the Maytag MHWE450WW does not paint a good picture for this model of front load washer. Relative to most of the other front load washers reviewed here, this is an extremely low rating, that comes with a fair degree of stability as there are a reasonable number of reviews out there for the MHWE450WW. There are about half as many reviewers that gave this washer a 1 star rating as that gave it 5 stars. Reading through the 1 star reviews quickly shows a trend. This washer seems to have issues with the bearings for the washing drum. There are numerous reviews that complain about the need to replace the bearings early on into the life of this washer, and a number more that complain about severe vibrations, which it is conceivable could be caused by bad bearings. If this happens after the warranty period is up, then the machine is just junk, as the repair will cost well more than the price of the machine brand new, which is somewhat puzzling. If this happens during the warranty period, sure they will be replaced without charge, but the washer might be out of service for a few days.

It is entirely likely that the Maytag company does not manufacture that bearings that there are so many complaints about failures of for this model. Also, it is curious that there aren't more complaints about bearing failures for other models that Maytag makes. The reality of the situation is that this particular model does have these complaints, and consumers have other options when it comes to a midsized front load washer, for instance there is the LG WM2140CW, which has received much better ratings from consumers and is even slightly cheaper. For approximately the same price as the Maytag MHWE450WW there is the Bosch WFVC6450UC, which has a slightly larger tub and Bosch's industry leading efficiencies. With all purchases of this magnitude, do your homework before making a final decision, and hopefully everything will work out well.


  1. Bought this $800 washer with the matching $900 dryer. Also bought the $230.00, 3 year extended warranty (Assurance) from Maytag.

    This washer lasted just 18 months. The Maytag warranty is just 1 year so the 3 year extended warranty is in effect for just 6 months.

    Maytag knows about the bearing failure problem so they discontinued the 4.5 cf drum/basket and went to a 3.9 cf drum/basket but it is the same model #.

    The cost to repair is too much so Assurance (the $230, 3 year warranty company) will only give us $446.00 to buy a new washer even though a new one from Sears (where we bought the first one) is $855.

    I will NEVER buy another Maytag (or Whirlpool,owner of the Maytag line) and I will NEVER buy another extended warranty if Assurance is involved. I would advise you the same.

    Read the fine print of the extended warranty. The front page (from Maytag) says, in large type, that if it can't be repaired it will be replaced. The fine print on the back has the % they will give you for replacement. Legal THIEVERY! BUYER BEWARE!

    ADDED BONUS. Now we have a washer and dryer that are not matched. Functional but looks weird.

    BTW. It's just 2 of us and we do 2 loads of laundry per week and they were average loads. No real large, heavy loads. Our cost for 18 months use of the washer was over $32/month ($800 + $230 - $446). Much cheaper to drive to the laundrymat.

  2. I also bought my first maytag front loader washer at home depot first in 11\09. had the machine for only 6 months and the bearing went. waited to have it repaired and then they replaced it with this machine. Had it for only 2 months and the problem started again. then after 6 months i couldn't take the noise and they replaced the bearing and drum. Now 3 months later there repairing it again. bearing again. do not buy maytag. poor quality, poor service and poor way to do business.

  3. Bought this machine in June of 2010. After a couple months, the machine needed the bearings replaced. This requires a complete gutting of the machine. We have had this done THREE times (extended warranty covered it) and now, sadly, it needs it done again. Unfortunately for the warranty company (and Lowes) we fought and won getting our money back. We are now in the market for a new washer- and you can GUESS which brand we will never consider again. This washing machine was dreamy the first couple months that we had it, but after that it decided it wanted to be an airplane instead of a washing machine (those who have heard the horrendously loud roar when it needs the bearings replaced understand this analogy!)