Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LG WM3875HWCA Front Load Washer Review

Price Range: $1200-$1400

The LG WM3875HWCA SteamWasher is the new flagship front load washer in the LG line of washing machines. Replacing the older, smaller, and much more expensive LG WM3001HWA, LG has delivered what looks like another in their line of successful front load washers. With the impressive list of features on this model, it can only be a matter of time before the older more expensive WM3001HWA is no longer a factor.

4.8 cubic foot capacity stainless steel drum allows for simply massive loads and impeccable durability
LG's new 6Motion technology moves the tub in 6 different directions to reduce wear and tear on clothes
14 automatic cycles with 10 additional optional steam cycles allow tailoring the wash cycle to any type of load
Allergiene and SteamFresh cycles use the TrueSteam technology to eliminate germs, orors, and allergens
SenseClean technology makes use of electronic sensors for the ideal cleaning environment
Timed starting options allow programming the start time of the washer to best suit your schedule
Automatic dispensers to add the bleach, fabric softener and prewash at the proper times
Status indicators to allow you to easily see the process of your wash cycles
Child safety locks
TrueBalance and LoDecibel systems to ensure a quiet and smoothly running machine

With an average user rating of 4.9 the LG WM3875HWCA is another strong performer for LG as far as customer satisfaction goes. Basically everyone who owns one of these machines and has reviewed it on the internet seems to agree on the things they like about this washing machine. Universally the first thing listed as a positive aspect of this front load washer is its performance. This should not be surprising though, given the sheer size of this washer, and the list of high end features to make doing laundry easy. The number of features and settings is also touted as a strong point for this washer, and with all the cycle options available this shouldn't be particularly surprising either. Many owners are impressed with the overall quality of the machine, though perhaps this should be taken with a grain of sale as the washer itself is quite new to the market. This newness means that perhaps some owners simply haven't had it long enough to see any problems arise. Also noted on a majority of reviews is the overall ease of use of the WM3875HWCA and the style of it.

As far as specific complaints go, there are some owners who question just how good all those sensors are that are supposedly able to figure out what size of load is in the washer to use the proper amount of water and cycle time, especially when trying to do particularly large loads, like a king size comforter. Also there are complaints that the child safety lock is flimsy and easily defeated by small children, therefore rendering it effectively useless.

If you are in the market for a front load washer with all the bells and whistles, this could quite possibly be the one for you. It surely seems to be the best that LG has to offer, being much newer, and cheaper than the WM3001HWA. While it hasn't been out on the market for all that long, the early reviews are quite good, however, the price may still be a deterrent for many would be purchasers, as this front load washer will certainly cost well in excess of $1000 even when found on sale. If you're after capacity, and you're willing to sacrifice the steam cleaning abilities, perhaps the LG WM2101HW with its 4.0 cubic foot capacity and much lower price tag is the right choice for you.

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  1. This is a 4.2 cu.ft. washer, not 4.8.. Please refer to LG website for spec.. "Ultra Large 4.2 cu.ft. Capacity"