Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maytag MHWE200XW Washer Review

MSRP: $749, Internet Prices: $598 includes shipping

Maytag is a well recognized brand in the American appliance market, and they offer a full line of front load washers. Their entry level front load washer is the MHWE200XW. The MHWE200XW is a high-efficiency washer providing superior cleaning ability with the PowerWash cycle. In addition the Fresh Spin option will fluff and tumble clothes periodically for up to 6 hours to keep clothes fresh. With Maytag Commercial Technology (MCT) commercial-grade components help provide a durable and high quality front load washer to consumers. With the MHWE200XW Maytag clearly intends to be taken seriously by consumers shopping for a new from load washing machine.

* 3.5 cubic foot capacity allows large loads of laundry as well as bulky items, such as pillows and comforters
* Conveniently located front panel controls
* Sensi-Care™ wash system: the wash basket moves faster when washing big loads, moving gently at slower speeds for delicate loads
* 12 cycle options to choose from include Soak, Power Wash, Whites, Heavy Duty, Comforters, Rapid Wash and Silk
* My Cycle button allows creation and storage of a favorite cycle, including options
* ENERGY STAR and CEE Tier II rated for year-round energy and money savings
* Stainless steel wash drum is built for durability which leads to long life and also protects clothes from snags and pulls
* IntelliTemp temperature control automatically monitors incoming water for correct temperature
* IntelliFill uses sensors to always fill the washer to the proper level
* Delay Wash set the cycle to begin cleaning when you want perhaps when utility rates may be lower
* Fresh Spin keeps clean laundry fresh by tumbling clothes after the wash cycle ends
* QuietSeries sound-reduction system keeps noise low to not disturb the household
* Stackable design provides flexibility for the laundry room

The overall rating of the Maytag MHWE200XW is 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 92% of reviewers being willing to recommend this front loader to a fellow consumer. There are a good number of reviews to be found for this model, so these numbers can be accepted with a reasonably high level of confidence. The 4.6 star rating is slightly lower than that of some of the other front loaders reviewed on these pages, but the 92% recommendation rate is right there along with the highest of any washer here. The general tone of the positive reviews is similar to that of most other front loaders. It gets strong marks for performance, by getting clothes clean and relatively dry to reduce drying time. Owners are generally happy with the overall build quality and durability, as well as the list of features.

As is typical with many front load washers, the worst reviews seem to come from people who just didn't do their homework and really know what they were buying. However, this front load washer does receive some complaints that other front loaders reviewed here have not gotten. There are a number of complaints that small items, like socks, or small childrens clothes must be put into a garment bag or else they get stuck in a door gap of some sort. This is certainly an extra step that is not required with top loaders, and has not been mentioned in other front loader reviews. Perhaps this represents a design flaw with the Maytag MHWE200XW.. Beyond this seemingly unique complaint there is the normal mix of vibrations, and a few complaints of equipment failure that were repaired under warranty, though no one is happy to be without a working washer for a the amount of time needed to get it repaired.

Overall the Maytag MHWE200XM looks like a strong contender in the marketplace for that entry level front load washer. It has a price competitive with many of the other models of the similar size. Granted, it loses out to the LG WM2140CW by being slightly smaller, more expensive, and based on fluctuating prices, slightly more expensive, however the prices are quite close. Based on the reviews out there, and the list of features, choosing the Maytag MHWE200XM is likely not a decision that would leave one disappointed.

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