Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bosch Axxis WAS24460UC Front Load Washer Review

Price: MSRP: $1469, Internet Prices: $1098 (includes tax and shipping)

As a company, Bosch has been manufacturing a wide range of appliances for quite some time. Included in their overall portfolio of appliances is the Bosch line of front load washers. Bosch produces some of the most water and energy efficient washing machines in the world today. With full lists of features, and an industry leading warranty, Bosch sets a high bar with their front load washers, and the Bosch Axxis WAS24460UC certainly fits into this mold. The compact front load washer market is not as crowded as the full size, and with the WAS24460UC Bosch takes aim at the pinnacle of this smaller niche market by offering a large drum size, and long list of features.

* 3.4 cu.ft stainless steel drum is largest in compact front loader class
* Surpasses Energy Star 2011 standards and Federal energy standards
* Bosch SensoTronix II uses an advanced system of sensors to analyze the washer load to determine the proper water level and temperature
* Extremely high 1200 RPM spin speed extracts more water in the washer to reduce drying time and energy usage
* 7 washing options and 15 specific washer programs ensure the proper washer settings for almost any load
* Built in water heater to quickly and efficiently heat water
* Quick cycle can quickly wash a small load of moderately dirty clothes
* PreSoak option allows clothes to be soaked prior to wash cycles
* Unique Sports Wear cycle is designed for sports and exercise clothes
* Specific cycle options for delicates, wool, darks, silks/satins, and heavy duty
* Rinse plus option uses additional rinse water for better rinsing and improved wear comfort
* Option to reduce the need for ironing by increasing the fluffing time of the washer cycle
* Touch Controls allow the easy choice and activation of cycles with just a button touch
* 2 year limited warranty is best in the industry

The Bosch Axxis WAS24460UC received an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars. Generally speaking people who have one of these Bosch Axxis washers seem to be pleased, as 83% would recommend that another consumer purchase the WAS24460UC. The most often praised aspects of the WAS24460UC are its performance, overall durability and quality of construction, and the robust list of features on this front load washer. Slightly detracting from the overall rating is that some consumers feel as though the value for the price could have been a bit better.

Among the negative reviews out there for the Bosch Axxis WAS24460UC there is no major over-riding trend, indicating that most issues are likely due to some random error, or even consumer setup in the home. One extremely negative review lamented the additional maintenance required of a front load washer, this is not specific to this, or any, model, but all front loaders. There was one thing that was mentioned in a noticeable number of the negative comments out there. None of the complaints found were very specific, but there appears to be some sort of gap around the door gasket that in some cases small articles of clothing, like socks, can somehow get caught in, and then do not get properly washed. There are also some complaints about increased load cycles, but again, this is generally applicable to all front load washers, and not the Bosch WAS24460UC in particular.

Overall, the Bosch Axxis WAS24460UC appears to be one of the best options out there for those who are in the market to purchase a compact front load washer. With its compact class leading capacity, efficiency and robust list of features, the WAS24460UC sits atop the list of compact front loaders. While not without some, seemingly minor, complaints, overall this front load washer has largely made consumers quite satisfied with their purchase. Although it is more expensive, the added price may well be worth it to purchase this model as opposed to the Bosch WFVC20160UC due to poor reviews. Feel free to comparison shop with the other front load washer reviews found here to find the best fit for your laundry room.

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  1. We have the Bosch Axxis WAS24460UC and were generally satisfied with it, until it stopped draining eight months after purchase. Getting Bosch to follow through on the warranty has been unsatisfactory. Understandably, they look to repair before they replace, but we have had service men here four times and have been without a washer for three months. We are awaiting our fifth appointment and thus far they have not replaced the machine. Really disappointing and tremendously inconvenient.