Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LG WM0642HW Front Load Washer Review

Price Range: $800-$1000
The LG WM0642HW front load washer serves somewhat of a niche market for LG in their overall line of front load washers. With a 4.0 cubic foot capacity, it is the same size as the LG WM2050CW, and is also somewhat more expensive. The major difference between this front load washer and the others in LG's portfolio is the location of the controls. Whereas most front load washers have their controls on the front face, and can therefore be stacked below a dryer, the LG WM0642HW has its control panel located at the back of the top face for easier access. Other than that, there isn't much else to set this front loader off from the WM2050CW as far as features are concerned.

-4.0 cubic foot XL capacity allows fewer loads, while the stainless steel drum construction gaurantees durability.
-Dial-A-Cycle option is designed with ease of use in mind
-DirectDrive motor powers the wash tub without use of a belts pulleys reduces noise and vibrations while allowing an ultra high spin speed which can remove extra water and allow shorter drying times
-SenseClean washing system uses sensors to detect the load size and weight, then automatically add the proper amount of water and cycle time
-Programmable delayed start setting allows setting a loaded washer to start at a later, more convenient time
-TilTub tub system has the washing tub tilted slightly back for easier access to load and unload
-7 wash programs and 6 temperature settings will allow customization of the washer settings to optimize it for any particular load
-Dispenser with 4 trays to automatically add the prewash, detergent, bleach or fabric softener at the proper time
-Custom Program feature allows users to save off frequently used custom load settings
-End-of-cycle signal will provide an audible notice that the load is complete
-LoDecibel Sound System reduces operating noise

As previously noted here, the LG WM0642HW serves a bit of a niche market, and as such, it shouldn't be surprising that there aren't quiet as many reviews out there for this model as there are for some of the others. That understood, there are still plenty of reviews out there from which to draw conclusions on this particular front load washer. Receiving an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with 94% of owners stating that they would recommend this product to another shopper indicates that this front loader serves the niche it is in quite well.

Of the things about their LG WM0642HW that people who have bought them most like, there are 3 things that stand out, and are very even with just over 90% of people listing them as things they like about their washer: quality, easy of use, and performance. All three of these are, some of the things that most people look for in anything they're looking to purchase. No amount of fancy features and ability to clean even the toughest stains out of clothes are likely to many anyone happy if the machine is broken most of the time. Likewise, a washer that will last forever, and gets clothes clean, but feels like work to use will probably be replaced while it is still in good working order. Lastly, a washer that will never break down, and basically loads itself with clothes still won't be much good if the clothes aren't clean when the cycle finishes.

The complaints about the LG WM0642HW are mostly centered around the exact same issues that almost all complaints about all front loaders are. A good amount of the complaints out there have to do with vibration. With so many of the complaints about this, and in fact all, front loaders centered around this topic, but the vast majority of front loaders out there getting very strong reviews, one must wonder if there's not something in common with the consumers that have this issue and not the washers themselves. Also some complain about the dreaded musty, moldy front load washer issue. Again, at some point one must wonder if this doesn't have something to do with the laundry room itself, as probably 20% of all front loader complaints are for this issue. There is also a complaint that the machine just does not perform up to expectations, however, this is in direct contradiction to the fact that performance is listed as one of the best aspects of this machine.

Overall, the LG WM0642HW front load washer isn't the most popular front loader out there, not even among the offerings from LG. Those who have bought it though surely seem to be happy with their purchase, as is evidenced by the high rating and propensity to recommend this product. While it doesn't have any particularly special features to actually aid in cleaning clothes themselves, but the location of the controls at the top and back of the machine adds to a more ergonomic washer experience. If you are in the market for a front load washer, you aren't interested in stacking your washer and dryer, and you're willing to pay somewhat of a premium for a slightly easier to use washer, perhaps the LG WM0642HW will fill your needs.

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