Monday, March 26, 2012

Samsung WF350ANW Front Load Washer Review

MSRP: $1099, Internet Prices from $989 (including tax and estimated shipping)

Samsung offers a full selection of front load washers for sale here, attempting to be able to offer a model to fit the needs and price desires of every potential customer. With the WF350ANW Samsung is offering what they are calling the largest capacity front load washer in its class. Samsung claims that this washer can fit 31 bath towels in a single load - a simply massive capacity. It also features technology aimed at prolonging the life of clothes with a specially designed drum among its many features.

- 3.7 cubic feet of capacity is the largest front loader in its class, capable of washing up to 31 bath towels in a single load.
- PureCycle self-cleaning runs extremely hot water through the spinning drum instead of using chemicles
- Diamond Drum technology is designed specifically to reduce wear and tear on your clothes
- Samsung Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) reduces vibration and noise to allow installation on second floors or near living spaces
- Direct Drive motor allows spin speeds of up to 1300 RPM to extract maximal water and reduce drying times
- Internal Water heater to achieve higher temperatures than normal hot water to aid in cleaning
- 11 wash cycles to choose from to suit nearly any load
- 4 temperature settings
- Energy Star Certified
- Steam Washing technology
- Delay start and end of cycle alarm let you choose when the cycle starts, and let you know when it finishes

Customers who have taken the time to post reviews online about the Samsung WF350ANW seem to be generally quite happy with their purchase. There are a good number of reviews out there online for this front load washer, and the overall average rating is 4.7 of 5 stars, with 93% of owners saying that they would recommend this washer to someone else. In the front load washer market, this level of approval is about as good as you can hope for. The washer gets generally very strong marks in the areas of features and design, and rates generally well in the area of value as well.

There is a curious and somewhat disturbing trend among reviews, even those that ultimately rate the washer as good, and people who would recommend it. Of a 4 category rating system where the categories are features, performance, design, and value, performance is consistently rated the lowest. This brings up the question of would you rather have a few extra features, or a washer that doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, but just works well. Most consumers would probably choose the latter. There are a number of complaints about heavily soiled clothes not getting all the way clean, and particularly sweaty clothes not smelling clean after a cycle.

There are always a few people who have some buyers remorse, or get one that has a malfunction and end up giving the washer terrible reviews, sometimes unwarranted. With the Samsung WF350ANW, that really doesn’t seem to be the case. Reading through the poor reviews indicates that most seem quite warranted, and even some people rated the washer overall pretty well, while complaining that it doesn’t always get clothes as clean as the washer it replaced did. So with this all being said, it looks like the Samsung WF350ANW front load washer is likely not the best possible buy for your $1000 of hard earned money.

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