LG Washer Reviews

LG electronics is probably not the first company that comes to the mind of many Americans when they think about washer machine manufactuers. This is likely going to be changing as time goes on. LG has an impressive lineup of washing machines, focused on front load washers, that are competetive in price, robust in their list of features, and generally highly praised by those who own them. Moreover LG is not content to rest on its laurels, and is constantly replacing old models with newer models with new features. Check out the compiled reviews of many of LG's front load washer models.

Current Models:
(Links appear in order of newest to oldest models)
LG WM2240CW review
LG WM2350HWC review
LG WM3360HWCA review
LG WM2140CW review
LG WM3885HWCA review
LG WM3875HWCA review
LG WM1355HW review
LG WM2501HWA review
LG WM2010CW review
LG WM2101HW review
LG WM2301HW review

Discontinued Models:
LG WM2016CW review
LG WM2050CW review
LG WM0642HW review
LG WM2801HWA review