Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LG Front Load Washer Review Model WM2010CW

Price Range - $500-$600

With prices under $600 quite easy to find for this LG front load washer this represents the most budget friendly model yet reviewed in this space. In addition to being the most inexpensive front load washer reviewed here to date, it is also the one with the highest overall rating. Though not quite as popular as the LG WM2016CW front load washer the WM2010CW seems to be a popular choice for many consumers.

3.5 cubic foot capacity
multiple options for wash, spin, water temperature
4 tray detergent dispenser adds bleach, softener, wash and pre-wash automatically at the right times
stainless steel washer tub for durability
end of cycle tone with adjustable volume control
SenseClean washing system automatically adjusts the water level based on sensors input of load size and weight
designed specifically for quiet operation
delay setting allows you to set a timer so the machine will run when most convenient
stackable, can put dryer on top of washer
full warranty for 1 year, 2 years on control unit, 7 years on motor, lifetime on washing tub
energy star compliant

This front load washer is rated extremely highly by those who have purchased it. The average rating for this model is an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars with nearly 100% of reviewers willing to recommend it to others. People owning these machines give it extremely high marks, averaging over a 4.9 out of 5 for value, quality features and performance. LG seems to have really paid attention to quality control throughout their manufacturing process with this front load washer, as there are extremely few consumers that complain of any quality or durability issues.

There were no complaints about this washer that wouldn't be made about any front load washer. Even the reports of mold along the door seal are less common with this model than other models. Perhaps LG has found a way to correct that issue, given that this seems to be a newer model than many of the others on the market. As with all front load washers, there are a few complaints about vibrations when the machine is improperly balanced during high speed spin cycles. Again, as is common for front load washers, some reviewers comment on the increased washing times for heavily soiled loads compared to top load washers.

Overall, this LG front load washer seems like it is a fantastic choice for anyone in the market for a new washing machine. The prices are low enough to make it competitive with top loading washers, and given the benefits of front load washers, the cost savings of operation should make up for those differences many fold over the life of this high quality, full featured, but inexpensive front load washer.


  1. kim4137 on April 16 2009 on FixYa.com complains that the drum started banging on the glass after two months needing new shock absorbers. Any similar complaints out there?

  2. I have not come across any other complaints like that about this, or any, front load washer. This is not something I would be worried about when purchasing a new washer.

  3. Looks like I have a similar problem like kim4137. After two months of purchase, the drum bangs into the glass door causing the machine to violently shake during the middle of the total wash cycle (usually about 20 minutes into wash). The banging occurs when the drum starts to accerlate its spin speed and decelerate its spin speed. Each occurance produces about 3-5 seconds of banging. Machine is leveled properly and it's never overloaded.

  4. hi, I've been looking at this model for a while, but was so worried about mold reports on LG front-loaders. Finally, I just ordered it last week and got it today. I am REALLY happy to find your post that this model seems to be better insofar as mold reports. I hope this will hold true. Thanks!

  5. We were completely happy with this model for about fifteen months. Then one day the machine began to loudly hop around across the floor, almost damaging a wall. The load must have been unbalanced and all the shut-off and warning mechanisms failed. The gasket got mangled and now we are waiting to hear about our massive repair bill (looks like a minimum $400). We are scared it will happen again and may buy a different model from a different company.