Saturday, August 7, 2010

LG WM2050CW Front Load Washer Review

Price Range: $550-650
Are you in the market for a front load washer, don't want to spend a lot of money, but you're worried that the small capacity of some of the least expensive front loaders out there, like the 3.5 cubic foot size of the LG WM2010CW just isn't enough for you? If that is the case, then perhaps the LG WM2050CW front load washer is the right choice for you. Serving as LG's entry level option in what I will call the mid-size, 4.0 cubic foot, front loader market, the WM2050CW can be found at many stores for only slightly more cost than the smaller WM2010CW. While it may lack some of the features found on the LG WM2101HW, it is also a good amount cheaper, and not totally devoid of features itself.
4.0 cubic foot capacity allows for large loads of wash
Direct Drive motor with 10 year warranty built for durability
7 different wash programs cover most clothes washing scenarios
SenseClean system automatically detects the size of the load and adds only the necessary amount of water
TruBalance anti-vibration system designed to make this washer run smoothly, even in 2nd floor applications
LoDecibel system ensures that this washer operates quietly
Dealy Wash feature allows for a programmed start time
End of cycle buzzer alerts when the washer has finished
4 compartment automatic dispenser to add the prewash, detergent, bleach and fabric softener
High speed spin reduces drying time by getting more water out of the clothes before they go into the dryer
1 year full warranty on parts and labor, 2 years on control board, 10 years for motor, lifetime for washing tub

If the number of customer reviews of the LG WM2050CW is any indication of popularity, and I believe it is, then this has been quite a successful item for LG. Out of literally hundreds and hundreds of reviews this washer has received an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. High marks like these are pretty typical of other LG front load washers as well. Not surprisingly, given the overall high rating, 97% of people who own a WM2050CW would recommend it to another person. The most commonly mentioned best feature of the WM2050CW is the overall quality of the machine. This bodes well overall, because all the bells and whistles in the world won't do anyone any good if the machine never works. Next on the list of things that consumers really enjoy is the machine's performance, again very important as what good is something that will last forever and look pretty, but poorly performs its intended purpose. The vast majority of consumers also list ease of use as a high point for the WM2050CW. The list of features and available programs also has many impressed. Rounding out the list of high points is the machine's style. Looks and style are pretty low on my personal list of things I am looking for in a washer, but for some maybe that isn't the case.

As far as the complaints that owners have with their WM2050CW, one thing that did somewhat present itself was that not many listed good overall value as a positive – they also didn't list it as a negative aspect, so people don't necessarily find it to be a poor value, just not a good one. Of the negative reviews out there that name something specific, and there aren't many, there does seem to be a trend. The most commonly mentioned problem that people have with this machine is that it vibrates, particularly in 2nd floor laundry rooms. This is in a very direct contrast to what LG's website lists as a major feature of this washer, so it is understandable that people would be upset. There was one major complaint about the temperature settings where warm doesn't get warm, and hot only gets lukewarm. One thing worth noting is that of all the reviews I've read through, and that number is in the hundreds, there weren't any complaints about something breaking shortly after getting the machine, and typically there are at least a few complaints like that, though I suppose that is in direct agreement with quality being listed as the number one best aspect of the WM2050CW.

Overall, if you're looking for a front load washer with a large capacity, and you're willing to sacrifice a few of the high-end features in the name of a cheaper purchase price, based on all the LG WM2050CW reviews that I've read through and summarized here, this machine should almost certainly make it onto your short list of washing machines to look into. With high marks in quality and performance, and a generally very satisfied customer base, LG seems to have another winner with their WM2050CW front load washer.

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