Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Choosing Which Front Load Washer to Buy

I've been doing some more research about what front load washer to buy. There are reviews all over the place. On one site, there were 30 reviews posted for just a single model front load washer. There are literally hours to be spent scanning through reviews to find and interesting and useful information. What I've decided to do is try to take some of the work out of reading review after review. I've read a bunch of these reviews and will more or less summarize them here. I feel like I am spending a ton of time researching my purchase by looking all over the place at reviews, so hopefully I can help others by putting all the best information in one place.

First off I've decided to use a few parameters. There are just too many makes and models of front load washer to choose from, so I will start out by narrowing the field down. As a front load washer tends to cost more than a top load as is, I am making price my first parameter for narrowing the list down. I am only reviewing front load washers that can be bought readily for less than $750. This seems to narrow the field by about half.

Check back every few days as I post more reviews as I narrow down what front load washer I end up buying.

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  1. I am interested in your research since I am also in the process of trying to decide what to buy. Are you planning to buy a dryer too? What do you think about the ones that offer steam cleaning?