Monday, September 7, 2009

Frigidaire Front Load Washer Review Model FTF2140FS

MSRP: 689
I chose this model of Frigidaire front load washer to compile reviews for because it is their offering for about $700, and looks to be a fairly popular model. There aren't quite as many reviews out there for this washer as for some other manufacturers similarly prices models, but there are enough of them that I feel there is probably a pretty representative sample. Frigidaire claims to be the largest producer of front load washers in the world.

3.5 cubic foot capacity
Stainless steel washer tub
Multiple wash, rinse and spin settings
12.4 gallons of water used per load (40 typical for a top load washer)
30 minute “Quick Wash” if you need something done quick
High speed spin cycle gets clothes dryer than a top load washer
Energy Star qualified

Overall the reviews of this model of front load washer average out to be a 4.5 out of 5, with nearly 90% saying that they would recommend this product to another person. So this appears to be a well liked, and high quality appliance. The most popular positive things people had to say about it were its quiet run cycles, its ease of use, and its value for the price. The first one I'm sure some people could take or leave depending on where their laundry room is, but the second two are real positives that almost anyone would want to consider when making a purchase such as this.

Many people commented that this front load washer allows them to do less loads due to its capacity, and that the larger loads dry in the same time as smaller loads used to from their top load washers due to the high speed spin cycle. One reviewer specifically commented that the savings in the family water bill for a 6 person household would quickly make up for the additional cost of the front load washer versus a similar top loading model.

As I've found with all front load washers, people with this model almost universally recommend leaving the door open between uses to let it dry to prevent a mold or a musty smell. Worth noting here is that there are a lot more people reporting major durability issues with this model than some of the others I've reviewed. Furthermore, with other cases the failures were shortly after purchase and covered under warranty, whereas with this Frigidaire front load washer, the issues seemed to crop up in year 2 or 3, and were not covered under warranty. Some people complain about vibrations during the spin cycle, but many others point out that this simply means the machine is not properly leveled.

My take here is that despite the fact that overall, this front load washer has rated pretty well, given the nearly identical price of some of the other makes and models I've researched, it might be a smarter buy to go in a different direction.

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