Monday, August 1, 2011

Samsung WF210ANW Front Load Washer Review

MSRP: $699, Internet Prices: $475 (tax and shipping included)

Samsung makes an large range of front load washers, some of which are among the most popular models on the market today. Samsung offers many models to choose from at various price points representing various sized and numbers of features, so there should be something in their lineup to fit the needs of nearly every consumer. One of these offerings, the Samsung WF210ANW front load washer represents their entry level model. By pairing a comparatively low price with a healthy list of features Samsung is is attempting to attract those consumers who want all the benefits of having a front load washer, but don't want to spend the money on some of the high-end features that are available on some models.

* 3.5 cubic foot capacity giving this washer the ability to wash large loads
* Stainless steel washing drum provides strength and durability
* Soft dial touch pad controls are simple and easy to use for your convenience
* 6 washing cycles to choose from to suit any combination of clothes
* 19 hour delay start option allows the convenience to load the washer now, but run it later
* Child safety lock prevents children from getting into places they shouldn't be
* Automatic temperature control can accommodate anything from delicate to heavily soiled loads
* Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) reduces noise and vibrations and allows installation of this washer in 2nd floor laundry rooms
* EnergyStar rated

Overall the Samsung WF210ANW received a rating of 4.5 of 5 stars, and 83% of consumers who have reviewed this washer would recommend it to a friend. There are a fairly large number of reviews out there for this washer, and it is not a new model. Both of these ratings are somewhat lower than many of the other front load washers reviewed here. Not surprisingly, given its position in the market, value for price is one of the aspects of the WF210ANW that consumers most like. Also listed quite frequently as a pro for this model is the bright and easy to read display.

Among the complaints about this washer one of the major trends is that the “hot” water cycle isn't even as hot as the water coming out of the tap is because it takes that water and mixes it with cold water too, so the hottest setting the machine offers only ends up to be lukewarm. As with all front load washers, there are a few complaints of the mold in the tub and excessive vibrations, but no more frequently than with any model out there. A slightly more alarm raising issue is the high incidence of complaints that the washer was delivered, and installed but never worked right from the beginning with a bad main circuit board almost always being the cause of the issue.

Overall, it just seems like there might be better front load washer alternatives out there than the Samsung WF210ANW. Despite being one of the least expensive front loaders, given the deep discounts below MSRP some retailers are offering, it seems to have some durability questions. Also, the feature list seems to be just slightly shorter than that of some of its competetors. For instance check out this Maytag MHWE200XW review which received slightly better reviews and has a few more features and a price tag slightly higher. Another alternative is the LG WM2140CW, which has great reviews, and a larger capacity to go with a price tag barely higher. If price is the only factor, then yes this Samsung WG210ANW can be found for some of the lowest prices of any front load washer, and you're likely to be overall not disappointed, but be aware that there are some seemingly better options out there.

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