Tuesday, August 31, 2010

LG WM1355HW Front Load Washer Review

Price: $950 - $1100

At first glance at the LG WM1355HW front load washer might appear to be vastly over priced. The LG WM2010CW has a much larger capacity, and similar features, for 60% of the cost. The LG WM2501HWA is approximately the same price, and is a steam cleaning front load washer. However, where the LG WM1355HW really differs from these other two LG models is in the overall size of the washer itself; the WM1355HW is a compact front loader. If one of the other models simple won't fit into the space available, then there is no choice but to pay the premium price for the smaller, more compact WM1355HW. Despite this compact size, the LG WM1355HW is not lacking in overall features though.

- NeveRust stainless steel drum with 2.7 cubic foot capacity for large loads and durability
- Direct drive motor allows longer life and quieter operation
- Ultra high speed 1300 RPM spin reduces drying time be eliminating maximum amount of water during wash cycles
- Delay settings allow programmable start times
- LoDecibel system promotes quiet operation
- 9 different washing programs with 5 temperature settings allow cycles to be tailored to meet the needs of any specific load
- SenseClean system automatically detects load size to add the proper amount of water and choose a cycle time
- Electronic control panel with easy to read LED display
- Sanitary cycle uses internal heater to heat water extra hot for additional cleaning power to remove stains and kill bacteria
- End of cycle tone

There just aren't a large number of reviews out there for the LG WM1355HW front load washer for 2 reasons. First, the WM1355HW is relatively new to the market when compared to a machine like the LG WM2016CW. Secondly, it serves a bit of a niche market being a compact front loader, so most people are likely to choose to buy either a steam cleaning front loader for the same price, or a similarly featured front load washer for much less money. This all means that since there are less reviews out there, trends are less powerful, and the overall averages less meaningful

That all being said, those who have purchased and rated the LG WM1355HW have rated it highly, giving it 4.7 out of a possible 5 starts. In addition, to this high rating, 94% say they would recommend this front load washer to another consumer. The individual aspects that consumers like the most about the WM1355HW are its overall quality, its performance, and its impressive list of features. The first two in that list of three are probably the most important to most consumers, as nobody wants to make a purchase like this and have it broken shortly thereafter. Similarly, if one is to spend over $1000 on a clothes washer, it had better get clothes clean when they are done a wash cycle. While many consumers are infatuated by the list of features on many front load washers, it is unlikely that many of them will get much use, but they are available on this machine if needed.

One aspect about the LG WM1355HW that, in general, did not get very good reviews is the value for price. This seems likely to be related to the fact that, quite frankly, compared to most 'standard' sized front load washers the WM1355HW is a good deal more pricey. However, if the only thing taken into consideration is the cost of this washer compared to the compact front load washers available from other manufacturers then it fares quite well. Besides the fact of getting relatively poor marks for value, there aren't really any truly negative reviews out there. This should be taken with a reasonable dose of circumspect, as it is entirely possible that this washer just isn't old enough to have experienced some of the issues that consumers might not run into until they've owned it for 6 or 8 months and done 50+ loads of wash with it.

Generally speaking, if you are searching for a front load washer and you've got ample space in your laundry room, the LG WM1355HW is probably not the proper choice for you, as there are much better values for the money out there. However, if space is at a premium in your laundry room, like in a condo or something similar, and you want a front load washer, then with its reviewers giving it generally high praise, and its list of features take a look at the LG WM1355HW to suit your needs.


  1. I take it there is no information on how it performs on a wooden floor?

  2. Hi Judith. Unfortunatly, the type of floor surface that people have their washers sitting on isn't often mentioned in reviews. As a general rule, front loaders need to be well balanced, and on a sturdy floor. Often people who put washers on higher floors are more likely to complain about vibration. If your floor is sturdy, and the washer well-balanced my suspicion is that you would probably be OK, but I can't say for certain, so don't make your decision based only on my suspicion.