Monday, August 23, 2010

LG WM2801HWA Front Load Washer Review

Price Range: $1250 – 1380

The LG WM2801HWA front load washer with steam is one of the older models in LG's lineup of front load washers. In fact, it was only their second front load washer to have steam cleaning cycles, following the WM3001HWA. With a capacity the same size, as the older WM3001HWA, some additional refinements, only slightly less ultra high end features, and a price tag about 10% cheaper it is clear that the LG WM2801HWA front load washer was a clear evolutionary step for LG's steam washers. Despite being relatively a cheaper steam cleaning front load washer, the LG WM2801HWA was by no means inexpensive, still costing nearly double that of an entry level LG front loader without steam options, like the LG WM2016CW. If, as a consumer, having a washer with steam cycles is important to you, then you're got to be willing to pay the premium price associated with these features. At the time it was new, LG was still the only company to offer steam cycles on their front load washers.

- 4.5 cu. ft. capacity for ultra large loads, and a stainless steel drum guaranteed never to rust
- DirectDrive motor allows extremely high spin speeds to efficiently extract water
- 9 wash programs featuring permanent press, delicates, and hand wash among the list
- TrueSteam technology gently adds steam for improved cleaning performance
- LG exclusive Allergine cycles are designed to remove up to 95% of allergens, like pet dander, from clothes
- SteamFresh cycle option is designed for odor reduction, freshening, and limiting wrinkles in clothes
- Extra large door opening compared to previous washers to allow easier loading and unloading
- Special wash and rinse optimizer uses sensors to determine the proper amount of detergent based on water hardness and load characteristics
- 4-tray dispenser adds prewash, main wash, bleach and softener at the proper cycle time
- TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System designed to reduce vibration and limit noise while running
- Stackable can have a dryer mounted on top of washer

Based solely on the number of reviews that are available for the LG WM2801HWA front load washer out there, this particular model was never quite as popular a purchase as some of LG's other front loaders. Based on the content of the reviews that are out there, this apparent lack of popularity is not due to any specific negative aspect of this particular model. Out of 5 possible stars, the WM2801HWA receives an overall rating of 4.8. Not surprisingly given this high rating, 96% of reviewers said that they would recommend purchasing this model to another consumer.

There is certainly a trend in the positive comments in the reviews out there. Well over 90% of reviewers listed ease of use and performance as two of the things that most impressed them about the LG WM2801HWA. To this individual a high rating in performance is certainly paramount. I don't do enough loads of laundry to make some minor added complexity a real detriment, but I certainly expect my clothes to come out of the washer clean. In addition to ease-of-use and performance, about 85% of the reviews out there list the overall number of features as a major positive, and similarly about 85% list quality as a high point as well. High marks for quality are the norm for LG washers, and really, what consumer wants to buy a product that won't last. It should be no surprise that the overall number of features of this front load washer are thought of highly, as at the time it was released only LG offered some of the features found on the WM2801HWA, and similarly the WM3001HWA.

In all the reviews that are summarized here, only one was really, truly negative, giving this washer the minimum of 1 start in all categories. I feel that this was done unfairly. The reviewer was mainly ranting about being unable to wash single items or otherwise extremely small loads, due to the washer's inability to balance the drum to allow it to spin. They also complain that when attempting to wash a load at the maximum capacity for the machine that the cycle takes too long. Neither of these complaints is valid in the eyes of this reviewer as both of these are well known issues that go along with all front load washers. This individual claims to have done research on the internet before making their purchase, but they clearly did not do a good job of it. Furthermore, given these two complaints, it seems justifiable that this particular reviewer would give a low mark for performance, and perhaps ease of use as well. This review does not, however, mention that the machine has in any way broken or malfunctioned, therefore the lowest possible rating given for quality does not seem justified. Overall only about 60% of reviewers thought that the LG WM2801HWA was a particularly good value, and given the relatively high price of this machine, that seems a logical conclusion to draw to a certain extent.

Overall, the LG WM2801HWA is a well-liked, durable, high performance front load washing machine with steam technology. It is also old, and somewhat out of date. If you can find a store selling this model, perhaps they will have it on a clearance sale. Unless this particular model can be purchased for about $1000, which is very unlikely, there are newer machines out with with larger capacities, more features, and an extremely similar price tag. For an example of this, take a look at this LG WM3875HWCA review; it is newer, larger, and most stores have it for about the same price. Another very good option can be found in this LG WM2501HWA review; it is only slightly smaller in capacity, but has extremely similar features, and is nearly 20% cheaper. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the LG WM2801HWA front load washer, there is probably a better fit out there for most consumers.

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  1. Is it possible to find out the average or estimated time of each cycle?...Out there somewhere?