Sunday, September 4, 2011

Samsung WF220ANW front load washer review

MSRP $699, Internet Prices from 599 (shipping included)

Samsung makes a broad range of electronic equipment, and included in this is a lineup of front load washers. Samsung attempts to appeal to nearly every consumer by offering a model at nearly every price point in the market based on size and number of features. Representing a mid level front load washer is the wf220anw, it is slightly larger and has a few extra features over a bare bones entry level model, but lacks some of the truly high end features, like steam cleaning, of the most expensive front loaders on the market. With a large capacity and an attractive price tag, Samsung is attempting to appeal to those who want a no frills front load washer capable of handling the rigors of doing laundry for a family.

* 4.0 cu. ft. Capacity potentially saves you time by allowing you to do fewer total loads of laundry

* Vibration Reduction Technology is designed to reduce noise to make this washer so quiet you won't know it is on, whether it is on a basement floor or a 2nd floor laundry room.

* Multiple washing programs to choose from to pair the washer's settings to the requirements of nearly any load.

* PureCycle is a special cleaning cycle that uses only very hot water instead of chemicals to remove any dirt and detergent residue in the drum.

* Direct Drive Inverter Motor allows the very high spin speeds and reduces moving, vibrating parts.

* Woolmark Certified means that the wool wash cycles on this machine have been independently tested and certified to be safe for wool products

* Sanitize Option is a cycle option that heats water to an extremely high temperature to remove 99.9% of the bacteria that is commonly found in laundry, as certified by an independent 3rd party.

* Child Lock is a safety feature that will prevent children from playing with the washer, even sounding an alert when activated.

* Delay Start feature allows the delayed starting of a wash cycle for up to 19 hours so that it will end at the most convenient time for you.

* Stackable with Matching Dryer

* Optional Pedestal with Storage Drawers raises the height of the washer for simpler loading and unloading as well as providing storage space.

The Samsung WF220ANW has received very high marks from consumers who have rated this machine online. It has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with 94% of people willing to recommend this washer to another consumer. Among the most often cited aspects of the WF220ANW for consumers is overall washer performance, a logical following from this high rating. If the machine looked great, and had a great list of features, but ultimately left clothes unclean after a wash cycle, it would be difficult to justify giving that machine a high rating. Also consumers are impressed with the overall value of the washer for the price. This seems like a winning combination, if the machine does a good job cleaning clothes, and is a bargain to purchase, that should make for a popular washer.

As for the negative reviews out there for the Samsung WF220ANW, of which there aren't many, there are no trends within them. Among the list of the negative reviews, there was one reviewer who got on and gave the washer a terrible review, before ever having even used the product, the review was based solely on the behavior of the installer. This is a poor reflection of the retailer who sold the washer, which wasn't even mentioned in the review, and not Samsung. Another reviewer spent hundreds of words to write a review that basically came down to that it gets the clothes clean, was a good value, but the cycles take longer than their top loader, a trait in common of all front load washers, again not a poor reflection of this model. The rest were the typical reviews whereby something broke, but all were during the warranty period and all were replaced seemingly without cost to the end user.

Overall, the Samsung WF220ANW looks like it would make a good purchase for any consumer who is looking to purchase a new front load washer. Based on reviews it performs well, and is a good value for the price. The WF220ANW is in direct competition with some other extremely popular models from other manufacturers, like the LG WM2240CW, which has similar features and a nearly identical price. Unlike some of the other models offered, this Samsung holds its own. Ultimately in a market as competitive and crowded as the front load washer market is, a purchasing decision may be made based on currently running promotions, but the Samsung WF220ANW is likely to leave any consumer who purchases it ultimately pleased with their decision.

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  1. this washer STINKS!
    placed and a placemat with sauce on it with a very light load and sauce still on the placemat at the end of cycle as if it wasnt even washed...