Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bosch WAS20160UC Front Load Washer Review

Price: MSRP: $1249; Internet Prices: $1041 includes tax and shipping

As an appliance manufacturer, Bosch produces a wide range of appliances, including their line of front load washers. With this full line of front load washers, Bosch has focused on making the most efficient appliances possible, and has been largely successful. Bosch front load washers are the most efficient, with respect to both energy and water usage, on the market in the US today, exceeding US Federal energy standards by up to 102%. All of the efficiency engineered into the Bosch washers doesn't come at the expense of other features, or a bloated price tag. The Bosch WAS20160UC compact front load washer couples a large capacity with a long list of features and packages it all into a frame meant to fit into smaller areas.

* 3.4 cubic foot drum is the largest in the compact front load washer class, and is constructed of highly durable stainless steel
* BOSCH SensoTronic Plus system analyzed the contents of the washer to choose the proper water level and temperature
* High spin speed removes more water in the washer to reduce drying times and save energy
* High efficiency internal water heater raises water temperature quickly and efficiently
* 15 different washing programs and 5 washing options let you choose the proper washer behavior for any load type
* Bosch specific KIDSCARE wash cycle is designed to remove a large variety of difficult stains
* Special cycle designed specifically to reduce the need for ironing by fluffing clothes
* Soak option allows clothes to be pre-soaked for a period of time before they enter washing cycles
* Easily activate one of the many cycles with just the touch of a button using Bosch TouchControl techonology
* Industry leading 2 year limited warranty – most manufacturers offer only a 1 year warranty

The Bosch WAS20160UC front load washer doesn't get the sparkling reviews that some of the competitor's models have. With only a average customer rating of 3.7 of 5 stars, the WAS20160UC is rated well below the average ratings of most other front load washers. In addition the the low rating, there are also a lower percentage of owners who would give this front load washer a recommendation to other potential consumers. Among the things that reviewers listed as strong aspects of this model are the acknowledgment that its compact size allows the use of this washer in areas where other, larger, models would not have been possible. While it is nice of reviewers to point this out, the physical size of the WAS20160UC was never in question.

Unlike some other models of front load washer which in some cases seem to get some bad reviews because of either a random collection of issues, or consumers having had unrealistic expectations of their new washer, generally related to maintenance, the complaints about the Bosch WAS20160UC mostly seem to center around the same issue, and seem pretty legitimate. The vast majority of the complaints that have been raised about the Bosch WAS20160UC are related to a high pitched whine that seems to develop during the high speed spin portion of the washing cycle. The high speed spin cycle is one major aspect of front load washers that adds to the efficiency improvements of front load washers by allowing the washer to extract more water with the spin speed, reducing the need for drying time.

Given that the Bosch WAS20160UC receives relatively low consumer ratings, and that the complaints that are out there do have such the tendency to focus on the same overall complaint, perhaps this model of front load washer isn't the best choice. Unfortunately for consumers the compact front load washer segment is a relatively small segment of the market, and as such there aren't as many choices out there as there are for the larger, full sized models. However, there are certainly other alternatives out there. Bosch itself offers other compact front loaders, and the LG WM1355HW has better ratings from owners. In the light of the relatively poor reviews of this particular model of front load washer, the WAS20160UC, Bosch as a whole shouldn't be discounted as a viable manufacturer in your search for a front load washer. For instance the Bosch WFVC6450UC has been reviewed quite highly by owners. Feel free to check other front load washer reviews to find the washer that is right for you.

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