Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LG WM3360HWCA Front Load Washer Review

Price: MSRP: $1159, Internet Prices: $1040+

LG Electronics is working hard to maintain their position as an industry leader in the front load washer market. In a market where having the next big thing is important, LG has continued to release new models and discontinue older models. In this vein, LG has recently released the WM3360HWCA front load washer. Even though this model is likely to take some sales away from older, but very successful and popular models with similar size and lists of features like the WM2501HWA, which has a slightly smaller capacity but is extremely popular, or the LG WM2801HWA, which has the same capacity. The new WM3360HWCA is not a totally redundant model though, as it does feature some new or improved options over the older models, and for this reason, it at least warrants consideration by anyone looking for a new steam cleaning front load washer.

* 4.5 cubic foot capacity stainless steel drum is built to handle large loads and to last forever
* Washing tub tilted 10 degrees to allow for easier unloading
* Direct Drive motor with a 10 year warranty has fewer moving parts than a belt drive motor which adds to durability and also reduces noise
* Ultra high speed 1200 maximum RPM spin cycle extracts as much water as possible to reduce drying times
* Sense clean system will automatically choose the proper water level based on the size of the load
* Allergiene Cycle uses steam to remove 95% of all household allergienes from clothes, and is safe enough for even the most delicate loads
* Delay wash allows the washer to be loaded now, but run when it is most convenient
* 6Motion Technology uses 6 different washing motions to get clothes as clean as possible while also being as gentle as possible on the fabric
* TrueSteam technology uses steam to more deeply penetrate fabrics to get them extra clean while also reducing wrinkles and odors, and reducing overall water consumption
* ColdWash options use enhanced washing motions to provide the cleaning power of warm water with the energy efficiencies of washing in cold
* TrueBalance Anti-Vibration system combines with the LoDecibel system to keep the washer running smooth and quiet
* SmartDiagnosis system means the washer will tell you if something is wrong

The LG WM3360HWCA is extremely new to the market right now, so there just aren't that many people that have one of these front load washers yet, so there just isn't a large number of front load washer reviews out there. In fact, it seems as though not even all stores have any of this model in stock yet to be selling. With the reviews that are out there however, there aren't any truly negative reviews. This should be viewed with a wary eye however, as it is very likely that there just aren't many people out there who have run more than a handful of loads through their WM3360HWCA, so perhaps there are some idiosyncrasies that will lead to complaints that just haven't surfaced yet. As of this writing, the LG WM3360HWCA has received an overall rating of 4.95 stars, and there aren't any consumers who have reviewed this front load washer with an overall rating of less than 3 total stars. As with most LG front load washers, and not surprisingly with a brand new model that has some features that are only available on this particular model, consumers were impressed with the list of features of the WM3360HWCA. Consumers viewed value for price to be the weakest aspect of this model front load washer, and given that some older, and extremely popular models can be had for significantly less, again this isn't surprising.

As of the writing of this review, in January of 2011, the WM3360HWCA is brand new to the market, and therefore there just aren't enough consumers who have owned one long enough to really paint a reasonable picture of what this washer really has to offer long term in the way of durability. Worth noting though is that the only major feature that the WM3360HWCA has that other models don't seems to be the special ColdWash options. Washers, whether top or front loading, have been using cold water to wash clothes for years, so it is unclear what these features really do. However, as everything else about this washer seems to also be available on another model that has been around for a while, and has gotten strong marks for durability, it is likely that the LG WM3360HWCA will hold up over time as well. All said and done though, unless having the latest and greatest available is important to you as a consumer, it is likely that as of now, you're better off to purchase a tried and true model, such as the LG WM2501HWA, which will likely save you quite a bit of money as well. If you can do without the steam cycles, then perhaps the LG WM2140CW, LG's entry level front load washer is right for you.

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