Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whirlpool WFW95HEXW Front Load Washer Review

MSRP: $1400, Internet Prices from $1095 (including tax and estimated shipping)

The rate at which new technology is being added to front load washers these days is pretty amazing, considering that washer technology didn’t change much for a few decades. There are many models on the market today across a wide range of prices and number of features, and most manufacturers offer many models to choose from, with Whirlpool being no different. The Whirlpool WFW95HEXW Duet front load steam washer is one of the more expensive washers that Whirlpool offers, but it has a large list of features to try to justify that price.

- 4.3 cu. ft. stainless steel washer basket helps you tackle even the largest loads
- Most efficient washer on the market uses up to 77% less water and 81% less energy than older washers
- 11 automatic wash cycles allow you to match the washer’s settings to any load
- Care Control Temperature Management enabled by 6th Sense utilizes sensors to adjust both water volume and temperature to help protect your clothes
- FanFresh system with Dynamic Venting Technology will circulate air through the washer for up to 16 hours after a cycle ends to keep your clothes smelling clean, and can even dry a small load
- H2Low and 6th Sense is designed to get your clothes as clean as possible, while also minimizing water usage
- 1400 RPM maximum spin speed reduces drying time and costs by removing more water from clothes in the washer
- Deep Clean Steam Cycle gets out even the toughest stains by using steam to thoroughly penetrate fabric to break up stains
- Delay the cycle start time by up to 16 hours so it will start, and finish, when most convenient
- Estimated cycle time remaining display lets you know at a glance when your clothes will be done with an easy to read LCD display
- Get alerted when the cycle is finished by the end of cycle alert
- Add a garment feature lets you quickly add a forgotten item within the first 8 minutes of the cycle
- Child safety control lockout prevents unwanted playing with the washer
- Clean Washer cycle with Affresh lets you use the washer to clean itself to keep it performing optimally
- Direct Inject Washing System virtually eliminates the need to pretreat by using a concentrated burst of detergent directly onto items
- Oxi Dispense Option enhances the cleaning power of the washer by automatically adding an oxygenated bleach alternative at the correct time

Overall the Whirlpool Duet WFW95HEXW has gotten pretty high reviews, receiving 4.6 of a possible 5 stars from those consumers who’ve purchased this front load washer and chosen to post a review. One caveat about these reviews is that there aren’t that many of them out there, but that tends to be the case with the more expensive models - like this one. In general, owners were quite pleased with the capacity of this front loader, no surprise given that it has one of the largest capacities available. Also people found the number of features to be impressive. Perhaps most importantly though, consumers tended to comment that the washer’s performance was one of its strong points. The general consensus is that the WFW95HEXW gets clothes clean quietly and efficiently, then spins them to be quite dry.

Unlike many Whirlpool front load washers, this model doesn’t have massive durability issues surrounding it. There weren’t many complaints, and what there were didn’t follow any type of theme. One person didn’t like the add a garment feature, another had a motor go bad under warranty, another had a circuit board go bad under warranty. The whole point of a warranty is that if something goes bad shortly after purchasing the machine, it gets replaced for free, and in these cases that seems to be what happened, and yet they still gave the WFW95HEXW the lowest possible ratings, so in all reality the ratings for this machine could be much higher.

It seems as though the vast majority of people who have purchased the Whirlpool Duet WFW95HEXW front loading washing machine are happy with their purchase. A few disgruntled consumers who did have some durability issues that were repaired under warranty by their own admission shouldn’t be enough to discourage anyone from buying this model. That being said, the front load washer market is a crowded one with similar offerings from other companies getting similarly high reviews. Ultimately it might come down to finding one model or another on sale at any given time.


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  2. Thanks for the share! I have been reading tons of Whirlpool Washer Reviews and it seems like most people are really praising this model. Any one have any idea what the going rate for this model is?