Monday, February 13, 2012

Whirlpool WFW94HEXW Front Load Washer Review

MSRP: $1200, Internet Prices from $950 (including tax and estimated shipping)

With front load washers gaining more and more popularity here in the USA all the major manufacturers of washing machines are trying to capitalize on this new market. Whirlpool is no exception to this trend, and the WFW94HEXW represents one of their middle priced options. With a large capacity and a list of features that are intended to set it above its competitors Whirlpool is actively and aggressively coveting consumers with this model

* 4.3 cubic feet of capacity, with a stainless steel washer basket will allow very large loads
* LED display allows easy navigation of settings, and a time remaining indicator lets you plan you time
* Automatic 3 tray dispenser with “Precision Dispense” properly adds washing aids during the cycle
* 10 cycles to choose from including anti-allergy, heavy duty, and extra rinse
* Self-clean cycle with Affresh helps keep the washer smelling clean and fresh
* Cradle Clean technology simulates hand washing by using a rocking moditon
* Fan Fresh with Dynamic Venting Technology circulates air through the washer after a cycle to keep clothes fresh before drying for up to 16 hours
* Direct Injection system uses concentrated bursts of detergent to eliminate the need to pre-treat stains
* Care Control temperature management uses sensors to adjust the 5 possible water temperature settings to ensure proper dissolving of the detergent for optimal laundry cleaning
* Garment Add indicator light lets you know when you can still add items after the cycle has started
* Delay wash setting allows the cycle start time to be set up to 12 hours in the future
* QuietWash system keeps the noise in the washer to keep the rest of the house quiet

There aren’t an abundance of reviews out there on the internet for the Whirlpool WFW94HEXW, but it seems that what is out there is generally not very good. The average review out there is a 3.5 out of 5 stars, which on the surface perhaps doesn’t appear too bad. However, looking more closely at the reviews indicates a pattern. It seems that as a general rule people either liked the WFW94HEXW or hated it. Reviewers seemed to give this front load washer either 5 stars, or 1 star with little middle ground. It should be noted if a washer were to get an even number of 1s and 5s, it would get 3 stars, meaning that barely more people liked this washer than strongly disliked it. The most common complaint that consumers have of the Whirlpool WFW94HEXW revolves around durability, which seems to be a common theme among other Whirlpool models as well.

Perhaps the reviews out there don’t paint the true picture for the WFW94HEXW, but given that there are so many other options available for this price, it is probably worth it to look into other front load washer models.

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