Saturday, March 19, 2011

LG WM2240CW Front Load Washer Review

Price: MSRP: $739 Internet Prices: $632+ (includes tax and shipping)

The front load washer market is a crowded one. The latest entry by LG electronics into the mid-size, home use front load washer is the LG WM2240CW. This model fills this size for LG's normal duty line of washers, for information about their offering in this size for heavy duty use, check out this LG WM2350HWC review. Gone are the days with just a few choices for washing machines, and companies are in stiff competition for your business. Part of this competition is the constant release of new features, and this washer features LG's latest offering, their “ColdWash” technology. This is designed to deliver the cleaning performance of warm water, but with the cost savings of cold. Don't think that this is the only thing that the LG WM2240CW has to offer though, as it comes with a full list of features.

* Large capacity 4.3 cubic foot tub will handle very large loads, and is made of stainless steal for ultimate durability
* LED display panel located conveniently on the front of the machine easily displays cycle and status information
* Dial-A-Cycle allows for ease of use to choose your settings
* 6Motion technology combines 6 different motions to clean clothes thoroughly while also being gentle on the fabrics
* Money saving EnergyStar certification indicates meeting on exceeding federal efficiancy standards
* Direct drive motor uses less moving parts to contribute to both durability and quiet operation
* Dryer can be stacked on top of washing machine to maximize space in crowded laundry rooms
* Match the washer settings to any load with 7 wash cycles, including bulky and permanent press, for optimal fabric care
* A total of 9 washing options, including a quick cycle, extra water, extra rinse, stain cycle, and tub clean allow ensure the washer does exactly what is necessary
* 5 temperature options for both wash and rinse cycles let you choose the right settings for your clothes
* SenseClean system automatically chooses the proper water level and washing time based on the amount of clothes in the drum
* Load the washer, then use the Delay Wash feature to schedule it to run whenever is convenient
* Child lock prevents children from accidentally starting a cycle
* TrueBalance system works to limit noise and vibrations so you can do laundry without disturbing the entire household.

Overall, the LG WM2240CW has a deceptively low rating. Consumers who own this model of front load washer and have rated it have given it an overall rating of 4.65 out of a possible 5 stars. This is deceptively low because there are no negative ratings to be found as of yet, and 100% of people rating this washer would recommend purchasing it to a friend. This indicates that there are some people who are generally pleased with their purchase, and yet for some reason gave it a rating of less than 5 out of 5 stars. Generally people who have purchased this front loader are impressed by its capacity, durability, list of features and style.

As already mentioned, there aren't any overtly negative reviews for this washer yet. There are, however, some reviews that could be classified as cautiously optimistic. One reviewer even specifically mentioned that they had only owned the machine for about 2 weeks, and thus far everything was good, and they were just hoping that it continued in that fashion. If other LG washers can be used to make an inference about the durability of this one, then it is likely that this washer will stand the test of time as well.

In general, if you are in the market for a new front load washer, and you're reading this review of the WM2240CW, then you are likely in the market for a washer that is slightly larger than the base model, like the less expensive WM2140CW. With the 4.2 cubic foot capacity WM2301HW on its way to being retired from production, and the WM2240CW having additional features, this is probably the LG washer for you. If you have a large family, or will be needing to regularly was particularly difficult loads, then perhaps the LG WM2350HWC with its heavy duty designation, but slightly higher price is the right choice for you. While there may not be a wealth of reviews out there yet for this particular model, feel free to check around for various other LG washer reviews. LG's washer tend to be very well liked by those who own them, and in all likelihood, this washer would leave you pleased.

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