Monday, October 5, 2009

Expanding the Front Load Washer Search

I've been doing quite a lot of research over the last month or so into trying to decide which front loading washing machine I am going to buy. Well, as the researching as been going on, I feel like I need to expand my parameters that I had used to originally define what I would be looking into. Namely, I had decided to look into just front loading washers that could be bought for less than $750. Well, what I didn't state back in the original posts was that I also will need to purchase a dryer. The current unit I have is a stacked combo unit, where the washer and dryer share the came case.

My original plan was simply to buy a pair of units that could be stacked, as most all front loading washers can have a dryer sit on top of them with the purchase of a stacking kit. At first it wasn't wholly clear to me that I could get a front loading stacked combo unit that contains both a front load washer o the bottom with a dryer right on top. I will be reviewing a few of them. Also, and I have to admit that this really caught me by surprise, there are single unit combination washer “condensation” dryers that are actually a washer and a dryer all in one. They are designed, basically, with the exact application I have in mind. I live in a condo, and the vent for my dryer is something like 20 feet from where the dryer actually is, and requires the hot air to go up into the ceiling area and then be piped the width of the unit before it is vented outside. These condensation dryers, to keep things short, are built to be used in ventless applications. Check back later for more information and explanation on just how these washer dryer combo units work, and if they might work for you.

Also, there is yet another sub-category of front load washing machine that I didn't know existed when I started my search. At least a few of the companies out there offer units that optionally can use steam to clean clothes. They are a bit more pricey, but what I've been reading about them indicates that they are better at cleaning clothes. These units don't fit into the original $750 requirement, but perhaps they are worth the extra cost. In any event, I do intend to do more research into these steam cleaning front loading washing machines, so I intend to do a writeup about them and post a review of one or more of them as well.

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