Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bosch Front Load Washer Review Model WFMC2201UC

MSRP: $698
As with the other models of front load washer I have reviewed, this one again is right at that $700 price. Based on the number of reviews out there, it appears to be an overall popular purchase, and is easily the most popular Bosch front load washer, if number if reviews is any indicator of this.

4.0 cubic foot load capacity
Stainless steel wash basin
multiple wash and spin settings
multiple water temperature settings
3-part detergent dispenser automatically distributes the appropriate amounts of detergent, bleach and softener at exactly the right time
2 year warranty on parts, 1 on labor
Energy Star Certified

This Bosch front load washer is a popular model in the Bosch line. There are a large number of reviews out there for it. Overall consumers seem quite happy with this particular model of front load washer. With a rating of 4.5 and over 85% of people being willing to recommend this to a friend, this is a strong performer.

The most often noted positive feature is the ease of use, which is a plus. Other highly desirable features that reviewers listed as positives for this Bosch front load washer are its quality, design, features and value. These are all things that any consumer should be looking for when looking to make a large purchase such as a washing machine. As is the case in general with front load washers people specifically mention the decreases in their utility bills following the replacement of a top load washer with a front load washer. Also as is typical for people owning a front load washer, the quietness is commented on as well.

After reading through over 100 reviews for this Bosch front load washer, I didn't come across any real trends in negative comments. As is typical for all front load washers there were a few mentions of issues with vibrations during spin cycles. There was only 1 review mentioning a major failure which is below the usual relative percentage of people who mention a major failure. This seems to follow from the fact that many people listed quality as one of the major positives of this particular front load washer.

Overall this Bosch front load washer stacks up very well against the other models that I have reviewed. It may not have the top overall rating, but the reviews themselves specifically called out less specific complaints. With the list of positives that people rated so highly, I feel like this would be a fine choice to make when purchasing a front loading washer.

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